Danny Dyer swaps nights out for family life: ‘I’m trying to stay out of trouble’

Danny Dyer has given up life as a bad boy and swapped boozy benders for nights in with the kids.


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The 37-year-old is dad to daughters Dani, 18, Sunnie, eight, and 19-month-old son Arty and Danny admits this has pretty much taken over his life.

Speaking to OK! magazine, Danny said: “I get home, have an hour with Art, put the kids to bed, learn my dialogue, have a little chat with my missus and boom! I get up and it starts again.

Danny with his eldest daughter Dani
Danny with his eldest daughter Dani

“Me and Jo [Mas, Danny’s fiancee] need to find time soon to go away for the weekend, just on our Jack, away from the kids.”

EastEnders star Danny claims that it’s Jo and the kids that have helped him settle down and stopped him from going off the rails.

He continued: “I’ve always had this self-destruct button. I’ve always gone at it without thinking and that’s part of being a human being.

And with his EastEnders family, the Carters

“I balance my life now with the good stuff, for me, that means being with Jo and the children. It’s when I’m not with them that the demons come out. The kids look up to me but they can also learn from my mistakes.”

However actor Danny’s turbulent past has given him an open mind when it comes to parenting.

He added: “I don’t want to smother them or lecture them about anything. You have to go through life and experience the beautiful moments and the horrendous darker days.”

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