Danny Dyer reveals he wants a breast reduction

He’s not the type you’d expect to be popping down the clinic for a bit of nip and tuck, but Danny Dyer has admitted there is one surgical procedure he wants.


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The 38-year-old insisted he’s almost completely happy with himself – but he wants to get rid of his man boobs.

Writing in his new book, EastEnders actor Danny said: “The only thing I would have done is my t**s, which have arrived recently, my little man cups.

Danny is not happy with his 'little man cups'
Danny is not happy with his 'little man cups'

“I don’t mind having a couple of chins, I don’t mind having a bit of an a**e on me or having a belly.

“Don’t give me a pair of ts, please. Anything but ts.”

Danny – who plays Mick Carter in the BBC One soap – also questioned the ‘changes’ happening to his body.

Danny with wife-to-be Jo Mas

He continued: “What happened? Years ago men didn’t have t**s. Is is the processed food we eat nowadays?”

The hard man admitted he understands there’s more pressure on women to look good.

He added: “I don’t see why they should bother, though. I’ve said before, my fiancee Jo is my perfect woman. I love her however she looks.”

Danny Dyer: Life Lessons from the East End is out now.

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