Danny Dyer reacts after fan unearths old photo of him on Twitter: ‘WTF?’

EastEnders star Danny Dyer AND his mum were left stunned when a fan published one of his childhood photos on Twitter

Danny Dyer reacts after fan unearths old photo of him on Twitter: ‘WTF?’

by Kayleigh Dray |

When you’re famous, you tend to get used to people knowing a lot about your personal life.

But Danny Dyer - who plays the amazing Mick Carter in BBC One’s EastEnders - was left stunned when a fan took to Twitter to share a photo of him from his childhood.

The snap, which featured a VERY cute little Danny Dyer (complete with cheeky grin), was captioned simply: “Guess who?”

The fan made sure to tag Danny in the tweet, so that he wouldn’t miss it - and the dad-of-three’s surprise was evident when he stumbled across it in his notifications.

He wrote simply: “WTF… how…. where… did you find this???”

Danny, looking at the sweet throwback snap, couldn’t resist adding the hashtag: “#butterwouldntmelt”

His mum Chrissie quickly got in on the action, asking: “I would love to know as well! And why have they cut Tony out?”

Sofia, who tweeted an excitable array of emojis after being tweeted by her favourite actor, made sure to explain that she WASN’T (as some Twitter users suggested) a stalker.

In fact, she found the pic online - and she even had the link to prove it.

She wrote: “Found it online yesterday actually and I have no idea how they got it.”

Fair enough!

Wherever it came from, there's no denying that Danny Dyer looked just as much a cheeky chappy back in the old days as he does now - even IF butter wouldn't melt!

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