Danny Dyer to marry long term girlfriend: “Cheating made me realise what I had”

EastEnders star Danny Dyer reveals how long-term girlfriend Jo proposed - and vows NEVER to cheat again


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It is often hard to tell where Mick Carter ends and Danny Dyer begins. And the pair recently got even more similar when they both wound up accepting a marriage proposal from their long-term girlfriends.

Yup, shortly after the Queen Vic landlord said 'yes' to long-term partner Linda (Kellie Bright), Danny has now revealed that Joanne Mas - who has been with him for 20 years - recently popped the question to her man.

"I never wanted to get married when the children were babies because I wanted to let my hair down and enjoy the day"

Speaking about the proposal in Hello! magazine, Danny said: "It was a complete bolt out of the blue but I’m so glad she did it because I don’t think I could have taken the rejection.

"I love the fact Jo proposed."

The 37-year-old shares three children with Jo, who apparently decided to take matters into her own hands after getting tired of waiting for Danny to ask.

She explained: "I’ve always wanted to marry Danny and I decided that if I didn’t get things moving, it would never happen.

"I never wanted to get married when the children were babies because I wanted to let my hair down and enjoy the day.

"But we have had our little boy now and we’re not going to have any more, so the time is right."

Danny Dyer and Joanne Mas
Danny Dyer and Joanne Mas

While the time is right for the pair now, things haven't always been plain sailing for the childhood sweethearts.

The pair split for a while after the birth of their first daughter, Dani, and Dan has confessed to being unfaithful in the past.

However he insists he is now a changed man, saying: "I thought the grass was greener – but the grass was horrible and I don’t ever want to go there again."

Jo added: "It’s been hard but I’ve got over it.

"When you have children, it isn’t just about me and Danny. I wouldn’t destroy the lives of my babies for something that doesn’t matter."

Congratulations to the happy couple - we'll be eagerly awaiting our wedding invite!

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