Danniella Westbrook’s son still traumatised over mother’s drug overdose

Danniella Westbrook

by Owen Tonks |
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Dannielle Westbrook’s son Kai has said he is still traumatised after seeing his mother overdose on drugs when he was younger.

Former EastEnders actress Danniella, 43, has spoken openly about her battle with drug addiction over the years and Kai, 20, admits the issue has been devastating for him.

He told The Sun on Sunday: “When I was little, I found Mum having a fit after an overdose and the memory is vivid.

“I still have flashbacks, I’ve been scared Mum would die so many times. Do I know Mum’s not going to die? I can’t guarantee it.

Danniella Westbrook

“If you play with the Devil, the Devil will play with you. But she’s a fighter. She wants to get better, but a lot of people have lost confidence in her.”

Former Celebrity Big Brother housemate Dannielle has had issues with cocaine in the past and Kai insists he will never try the drug, although he has “dabbled” in cannabis.

He said: “I won’t touch cocaine as long as I live because growing up with Mum I’ve seen how bad it can get. It twists you in the head.

“But I smoke, and have smoked cannabis.”

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