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Poor Danniella Westbrook was bravely preparing to discuss her devastating miscarriage from earlier this week on Loose Women today - but she didn't turn up...

Danniella, 43, told her close friends that she had suffered a miscarriage on Wednesday, having only revealed the news of her pregnancy three weeks ago.

The mum-of-two was expecting a baby with her fiancé Alan Thomason, and even wondered whether she was expecting twins, since her bump was "huge", despite being only five weeks pregnant.

WATCH: Danniella Westbrook Shows Off Her Baby Bump | ITV/ Lorraine

Danniella was bravely preparing to discuss her recent emotional upheaval on Loose Women, and it was announced as an upcoming segment on the show at the end of Lorraine's show.

However, as the show began and they gave a run-down of what would be featured - and Danniella's name was not mentioned.

Viewers of the show took to Twitter to air their confusion, and wondered where the ex-EastEnders actress was.

But Danniella hit back at the more negative tweets, saying that she had actually done a pre-recorded segment which would be aired at a later date.

A spokesperson for the show also confirmed this to

Whilst Danniella hasn't publicly confirmed her miscarriage, she did confide in her friends who said she was "trying to put on a brave face".

She also tweeted that she was "hurting from a loss".

This comes after she reportedly cheated on her fiancé Alan with a 25-year-old holidaymaker in Benidorm where she now lives, something she strongly denied.

The man told The Sun that he had seen her drunkenly come into the bar that he was in, and he'd jokingly asked her for a kiss as "a laugh".

He said: "The next thing I know she's all over me, snogging the life out of me. We kissed between 10 and 15 times, I had her sitting on my lap and everything."

Danniella Westbrook
Daniella appeared on Lorraine only a couple of weeks ago (Credit: ITV / Lorraine) ©ITV / Lorraine

Danniella then tweeted her frustrations about the allegations, writing on Twitter: "Took a picture with someone at Tikki beach and peck on cheek get a bloody grip ya fools."

She added: "A disgrace really for letting someone peck me on the cheek whilst taking pictures with holiday makers in Benidorm.

"I actually can't win, say no to pictures have people slag me, say yes to pictures get accused of cheating!"

We hope everything turns around for poor Danniella.

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