Danielle Lloyd slammed for copying Beyonce’s pregnancy photo shoot

It's safe to say Beyonce fans were not impressed

Danielle Lloyd

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It was only confirmed yesterday that Danielle Lloyd is expecting her fourth child and she's already received a lot of backlash.

The reality star made the announcement on the cover of OK! magazine in a Beyoncé inspired pregnancy photoshoot. She posted the photo on Instagram and wrote: "So it's official. Am expecting a baby. I loved this Beyoncé inspired shoot with @ok_mag"

However people were not impressed and slammed Danielle for copying the photo. Earlier this month the Grammy winning singer revealed she's pregnant with twins by sharing a photo of her baby bump on Instagram. The photo has over 10million likes, making it the most liked photo on the social media platform.

Danielle Lloyd pregnant
Danielle Lloyd confirmed her pregnancy on the cover of OK! magazine (Credit: Instagram / missdlloyd) ©Instagram / missdlloyd

But since Danielle posted her similar pregnancy announcement lots of people have slammed her for copying Beyonce's picture.

The former glamour models Instagram photo has received over 3,000 comments and lots of them are from people who are not impressed. One person wrote: "Inspired would suggest there was something different about it… you just ripped it off. How typical..."

Another person argued: "You are so sad total complete ripoff there is nothing 'inpsired' about this photo it's the exact same"

A third follower wrote: "I am so angry. BLATANT copy of Beyonce shoot and all she gets is 'Beyoncé inspired.' Lmao NO girl, it's Beyoncé STOLEN"

Beyoncé's pregnancy announcement broke a record on Instagram and became the most liked photo on the social media site (Credit: Instagram / Beyonce) ©Instagram/ Beyoncé Knowles

Someone else commented: "Why couldn't you think of your own pregnancy photoshoot? It would be a lot more beautiful if you made an original pregnancy photoshoot."

Another person argued: "How is this inspired? You copied the whole damn look!!! The public does not care for you or your child, it's no wonder you did this to be relevant!!! Wow can't even come up with your own style had to copy it!!! What a joke!!! I'd feel embarrassed if I was you."

Plenty other comments left under the photo include bee emoji's (from Beyoncé's fans who are called the Beyhive), and some followers even compared Danielle to Melanie Trump (who infamously had very similar speech to Michelle Obamas).

Beyonce pregnant twins Blue Ivy
Beyonce posted a gorgeous photoshoot on her website showing off her baby bump (Credit: Beyonce.com) ©Beyonce.com

Although lots of people defended the Danielle's photoshoot with one person urging her to remove all comments from the photo. One person commented: "There isn't no plagiarism law to her photoshoot and the fact she still gave creds. She technically isn't stealing anything when you mention the creator. Thought people learn this in middle school."

Another wrote: "At least she gave credit"

Someone else commented: "It doesn't matter. She thought Bey's announcement was beautiful and wanted to copy. She's f—king pregnant and happy can't y'all just congratulate her and move on."

The former Celebrity Big Brother star recently revealed to OK! magazine that she hasn't told her ex-husband Jamie O'Hara about her pregnancy, she explained: "I don't owe him anything. He can find out in the magazine with everybody else."

Jamie O'Hara Danielle Lloyd pregnancy
Is Jamie hinting at Danielle's photoshoot? (Credit: Twitter / mrjamieohara1) ©Twitter / Mrjamieohara1

Her ex-husband Jamie has since liked a tweet which reads: "I legit hate copycats." Is he hinting at Danielle's latest photoshoot?

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