Danielle Lloyd defends controversial Trump babygro saying she’s too busy to know who he is


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Danielle Lloyd has hit out at everyone who slammed her for saying a babygro that said "Donald Trump Jr" was cute.

The pregnant mum-of-three uploaded the photo over the weekend, but quickly deleted it after being inundated with furious comments by people who are dead against the current President of the United States.

Social media commenters slammed Danielle, who is due to give birth to her fourth son any day now, for her "outdated" views and called her "a disgrace".

danielle lloyd
Danielle called this babygro "cute" (Credit: Instagram/ Danielle Lloyd)

But Danielle, 33, has hit back at the comments - saying that she doesn't actually know anything about Donald Trump.


She defended herself to MailOnline: "It was just a joke, I literally have no clue about politics at all. I don’t pay attention to it, I haven't got time.

"My life revolves around my children and literally the only reason we got that Donald Trump thing was because my little boy George loves the word Trump - he thinks it's hilarious."

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But Danielle went on to say that she doesn't have time to find out who Donald Trump is as her life is so busy.

She added: "I was like, 'I don't know what Donald Trump stands for! I don't pay attention! I get up in the mornings and run around the house with no time to brush my hair, never mind care what Donald Trump is up to'."

Danielle did concede that it was quite poorly timed, given the riots that are currently going on in America, but said she "never gets the chance to listen to the news."

Danielle's fourth son is on his way very soon (Credit: Instagram/ Danielle Lloyd) ©Instagram/ Danielle Lloyd

She added: "How am I meant to know if I don't follow it?"

The former CBB housemate revealed that she'd become frightened and deleted the post, saying: "I'm about to have a baby, I don't need all this stress."

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