Danielle Lloyd is admitted to hospital and in the process sparks a parenting debate: ‘This is very shocking’

Danielle posted a picture to Instagram of her son and friend and caused an uproar with fans

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Danielle Lloyd revealed to fans yesterday that she was admitted to hospital, when she posted a snap of her son and friend Kate Terry.

The mum-of-three captioned the image: “Think George has a crush on my friend starting young @kateterry_hair thanks for looking after them today babe while I was in hospital [sic]”.

In the picture, her youngest George can be seen smiling in the back of the car, whilst friend Kate also posed for the picture.

Kate replied to Danielle’s post saying: “Aww I just love him!!! And Archie and Harry no problem love you lots xxxxx [sic]”

However, fans were quick to comment that two year old George wasn’t sitting on a booster seat, and had his seatbelt under his arm.

“Your son should be sat in a car seat/booster seat and the seatbelt under his arm is unsafe I'm sure your aware of this as you've deleted my comment,” one put.

Another commented: “As soon as I saw this picture I thought the same, car seat!!!!!!!! All children have to be in a safe car seat. This is very shocking.”

“Don't like this one bit!! So unsafe and quite disappointing coming from someone who probably knows just how unsafe this is!!” another added.

Danielle’s friend responded to the comments to ask if it really was irresponsible.

She wrote: “Is the car moving? Can you tell on this non moving picture that we are driving? Not that I have to explain anything.”

However, one fan angrily replied: “Ok so the car is not moving but at one point it was so the seatbelt would cut into his neck he should have been in a safe car seat/booster seat.

“Check the law. If you would have had an accident he would have been more hurt than if he was safely in a car seat.”

Some fans however also commented on the snap to say how many were jumping to conclusions and had faith in Danielle’s abilities as a mum.

One added: “Mummy Police are out in force tonight! FFS I think Danielle knows how to keep her kids safe!!!!”

“Pretty sure Danielle has kept all 3 sons alive till today so do one,” one argued.

One fan said positively: “@missdlloyd .... i wouldnt let peoples comments bother you! . You wont ever keep everyone happy and they're your boys and youre a great mum doing a great job..youll always get people judging...or with an opinion!! But all you need to focus on is what you do...your family [sic].”

Danielle, who was in hospital, saw all the comments later on and responded to the critical fans saying: “Just woke up to this so funny - don't throw stones when u live in a glass house.”

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