Dancing On Ice 2014: Dan Whiston talks Christine Bleakley, Ray Quinn and his and Hayley Tamaddon’s hopes for the semi-finals

Dancing On Ice's professional skater Dan Whiston has had his say on the solo skating challenge, Suzanne Shaw describing Hayley as a poor skater and Ray Quinn and Jason Gardiner's flirting…


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We've had loads of good feedback on Twitter and we really enjoyed last night. I think it's exactly what Hayley needed - to go out, skate that solo routine and then nail that main routine and give her the confidence boost she needed to get those tens. She's doing so well and I'm so proud of her.

I think Hayley would agree that she didn't like skating without me - we really enjoy what we do together. So it was vulnerable for all the celebrities out there and it's not nice, as a pro, to watch them on their own - you just want to run out there and help them, because there's no one out there to catch them.

But they all did amazingly, amazingly well by themselves. And it added a new twist to the show; you never know what will happen!

I'm so proud of Hayley Tamaddon...

Hayley is such a better skater now than she's ever been - and she always manages to keep smiling. Her confidence was knocked before last night's solo performance, because she fell down quite hard on her knees… but she went out there, let adrenaline take her and she was amazing.

Our Conga routine was so, so fast - it was full of steps and tricks and technical difficulties; and Hayley absolutely nailed it. We worked hard in the studio, in front of the mirrors, and spent hours and hours working to get our movements in sync.

When you watch Torvill and Dean skate, they're always perfectly reflecting each other and that's what makes it so watchable - that's what we want.

Yes, it DID hurt when Hayley cut my ear on the ice!

Hayley cutting my ear with her skating blade did hurt. I got to the end of the routine and felt something dripping down my face, but I thought I was sweating. But then I hugged Hayley, came away and saw my blood all over her.

Dan wasn't phased by his injury
Dan wasn't phased by his injury

So I got on the stage, we saw there was a lot of blood all over the ice and I went straight down to physio to get my ear glued back together. But it was absolutely worth every little nick for Hayley to deliver what she delivered.

Ray Quinn's solo performance was the best of the night…

I really enjoyed Ray Quinn's solo performance - he's definitely bringing something new to the show. He's fast, he does a lot of spins and he had a great feeling to it - he's obviously doing great and it was nice to see him skate on his own, he really enjoyed it.

It was interesting to hear the judges Blind Date-style comments - and I'm sure that Jason Gardiner really enjoyed the routine!

Poor Beth Tweddle was so ill we thought she'd have to hang her skates up...

I've never seen Elizabeth so poorly. She was so ill, she couldn't train as much as she wanted to, she was sent home several times - the virus really did take hold of her. And it was awful to see her so upset because she never cries, so it was horrible to see one of my friends in tears.

But she's an athlete, she's always professional and she did really well - she's through to the semi-final.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion…

*“Hayley has to stop playing it safe and start doing the tricks now, she needs to raise her game. *If she wants to be a competitor then she’s going to have to start getting her boots on properly and start doing jumps and spins.”

Suzanne Shaw recently said that Hayley's not a great skater - but Hayley and I respect her opinion. We're just going to keep going out there and doing what we're doing. The public really enjoy us, anyway!

Torvill and Dean are Team Jai Ho!

Torvill and Dean recently said that our Jai Ho routine was one of the most memorable routines of the show ever - it's very special for me to hear, as they're great friends and such iconic figures in the skating world. We love that they've given us that credit and, personally, it's one of my most memorable moments too. That and Todd Carty flying off the stage!

Christine Bleakley is really lovely

Christine Bleakley is really, really lovely. She brought Frank Lampard in the other week and we all had drinks at the bar - that's what she's like, she's one of the gang. She's so well thought of and she's always involved.

I think that, when people do well and are successful, some others will find a way not to like them - but anybody who knows Christine will know she's very sweet and very supportive.

We went back home to Blackpool this week…

Dan Whiston and Hayley Tamaddon in Blackpool

Hayley and I went home to Blackpool together and were greeted by the public.

One of the main places we get so much support is a charity called Brian House; they're a hospice for terminally ill children and they sent us the most beautiful card with handprints in and message of support.

We're both patrons of the hospice and try to raise as much money for them as possible; the children are amazing and just so beautiful - after the show we're going to go in and see them, make sure they know we're thankful for all the support. Anything we can do to help, you know - it's always so grateful received.

Twitter goes crazy all week; we're constantly replying to people and talking to our supporters, making sure we give something back to them. This week we've had so many presents and so much fanmail - and we really want them to know that they're appreciated.

We can't think about the final yet

Dan and Hayley behind-the-scenes of the show

We don't want to think about the final yet; we don't want to jinx it. We're kind of living the week we're in, we're going to give the semi-finals our best shot and see what happens next.

We're a bit superstitious - but we'll be giving it our best shot. It's a show full of champions; we've all done amazingly well to get to the semi-finals but it will be bittersweet to go out next week. Just a case of 'so close, yet so far'.

Next week I predict more than a few of the celebs will be needing a sick bucket...

Sam Attwater, Dan Whiston and Vicky Ogden

Next week it's the flying routine, which means they'll be spinning and flung around the rafters at a hundred miles an hour. And when you come back down to the ice you're dizzy, you're sick - look at Gareth Thomas last year, he was knocked out the show because he was so ill.

I remember last time Hayley Tamaddon flew, she suffered really badly from vertigo, so I'll be ready with my sick bucket for her!

Who do I think will make the Final?

I just can't call it - every single week I'm left surprised. Everyone has a different quality; Ray Quinn is the dynamic one, Hayley is the performer, Beth is the athlete and Sam is the emotive one - everyone is bringing something different to the competition. It's unrealistic to think everyone will be the same - and it always makes for an amazing performance.

Make sure you watch the Dancing On Ice 2014 semi-finals this weekend - and don't forget to vote!

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