Dan Osborne writes touching open letter to daughter Ella

Dan Osborne has penned an emotional open letter to daughter Ella and son Teddy


by Fiona Day |
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Following the news that he has proposed to girlfriend Jacqueline Jossa, 23-year-old Dan Osborne has written a heartfelt letter to daughter Ella and son Teddy.

In the letter he reveals his love for his children and promises to guide them through life so they don’t make the same mistakes as him.

He firstly addressed one-year-old Teddy, his child from his relationship with ex-girlfriend Megan Tomlin.

Dan wrote in Now magazine: “Teddy, you’re not always with us and it’s really hard for me to be without you

“When I have to take you home to your mum’s, it’s the worst feeling in the world. I have to go to the gym just to take my mind off it… Looking at photos of you helps get me through days when I can’t be with you.”

Dan and son Teddy

He added: “It’s hard for me to explain to you now, but when you grow up, I hope you appreciate it was the right thing to do for me not to be with your mum.

“I feared you might never meet each other and it was heartbreaking.”

“I know you’ll make mistakes in life, but I’ll try my best to guide you so you don’t make the same mistakes as me.”

Dan then suggested that he and 22-year-old fiancee Jacqueline Jossa could be expanding their brood.

“I’ll let you both grow up a bit and maybe we’ll have more brothers and sisters for you. I’d love to give you at least two more- but if I could have more children who are as amazing as you I’d have 100 of them.”

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