Dan Osborne slammed for this parenting technique

Jacqueline Jossa and Dan Osborne

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Dan Osborne and Jacqueline Jossa are parents to their gorgeous daughter Ella

Former TOWIE star Dan Osborne has hit back at online trolls after his latest Instagram photo.

Dan and his fiancé Jacqueline Jossa are preparing for the run up to their wedding and the dad-of-two to Teddy, three (who he has with his ex-girlfriend) and Ella, two recently posted a photo of his adorable daughter eating breakfast before she attends school.

Posting the photo on Instagram of the pair looking at each other, Dan wrote: "Having breakfast with my beautiful little girl this morning before pre school."

Dan Osborne
Dan posted this cute photo on Instagram of himself and Ella (Credit: Instagram / danosborneofficial) ©Instagram / danosborneofficial

How adorable!

Although lots of Dan's 836k followers questioned why his daughter was still drinking from the bottle. One person commented: "There's noooo way I'd let my 3-year-old drink juice from a bottle! Your teeth are for life they need looking after!"

Another person argued: "Juice in a bottle - really want to stop that and protect her teeth. Not being nasty just saying"

Someone else said: "Fair enough if it's comfier at bed with milk but I don't understand it myself"

A fourth person wrote: "It's just the sipping of juice through a bottle is bad for her front teeth(speaking as a dental professional). Give her a straw and beaker, less teeth contact"

Dan Osborne
Lots of Dan's followers argued that drinking from a bottle could ruin Ella's teeth (Credit: Instagram / danosborneoffiical) ©Instagram / danosborneofficial

The reality star hit back at the negative comments and wrote: "Nothing wrong with the bottle… and she 2, so to all of you commenting about a bottle, you very sad people should concentrate on your own awful lives."

Dan Osborne
Dan slammed the negative comments (Credit: Instagram / danosborneofficial) ©Instagram / danosborneofficial

And plenty of Dan's followers jumped to his defence with one writing: "There is no problem in putting juice in a bottle, my mum sometimes does that with my baby brother the same age as Ella"

Someone else said: "Haha you do realise your baby teeth are not for life the poor child is having diluting juice, it's not the end of the world! Grow up."

Another related to Dan's parenting technique and said: "All my children had juice in a bottle and their teeth are fine! I had my dummy till I was 7 and my teeth are perfectly fine!"

Dan Osborne JacquelineJossa
Dan and Ella welcomed their daughter into the world in February 2015 (Credit: Instagram / jacjossa) ©Instagram / jacjossa

A fourth person wrote: "Nice to see the Daddy doing the school run while Mummy works, teaching your children true equality"

One of his followers added: "Some men don't even care about their children and Dan's simply showing the love and having a bite with his little one."

When did your children stop drinking from a bottle? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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