Cristiano Ronaldo opens up about being a single parent: ‘My son doesn’t need a mother’

For the first time Cristiano Ronaldo has opened about life with his son, and why they’re doing just fine without his mother.


by Jack White |

Cristiano, 30, announced he’d become a dad in 2010 with a message on his Facebook page. At the time he said he’d have ‘exclusive guardianship, as agreed with the baby’s mother, who preferred to keep her identity confidential’.

Since then, there has been a lot of speculation of the identity of Cristiano Jr’s mother, but the Real Madrid footballer has never given it away.

Speaking during a new documentary, Cristiano said his boy “doesn’t need a mother, just me – having a father is enough.”

He added: “People speculate I was with this girl or another, or there was a surrogate mother. I have never told anyone and never will.”

The sports star also touched upon his own upbringing, admitting he never had a relationship with his father.

Cristiano continued: “When [my son] is grown up I will tell him what I did, what I felt, everything that went through my mind.

“Some children never get to know their parents, neither mother nor father. Having a father is enough.”

And Cristiano’s mother Dolores also spoke about the situation, admitting she takes over when needed.

She said: “I am not bothered who the mother is. I just want to give my grandson love and educate him as Ronaldo asked me to.”

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