Coleen Rooney: ‘I don’t want us leading separate lives’

coleen rooney and wayne rooney

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Insiders say Coleen Rooney is anxious as husband Wayne Rooney travels across America to play in the busiest season of the Major League Soccer

She recently told pals that she’s learned to trust husband Wayne Rooney again, after his 10-hour booze bender in Florida with a barmaid in February, as well as his December arrest for public intoxication.

But sources say Coleen Rooney, 33, is now feeling increasingly concerned that she and Wayne, 33, are beginning to lead separate lives again, as the footballer gears up to spend the next few months travelling around America playing away games for his Major League Soccer team, DC United.

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Even though they first met at school when they were 12, Wayne and Coleen first started dating after they finished school at the age of 16.

coleen rooney and wayne rooney
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The MLS season kicked off in March and will carry on until October this year, getting busier around spring and summertime. And Wayne – who is considered one of their best players – has his work cut out for him playing anything up to six matches a month, taking place all over the US, including New York, Kansas City, Texas, Atlanta and Chicago.

A source says, "Wayne’s schedule in the US is a whole different ballgame to what he and Coleen are used to back home.

"With DC United, he’s having to travel huge distances for matches, which involves spending far longer away from their home in Washington. Coleen has admitted to pals that she’s alone with the kids much more than she anticipated and she doesn’t want them leading separate lives."

The source adds, "Wayne and his teammates usually travel to the venue days beforehand to train and for Coleen it has been a big adjustment. She’s told pals it’s like being married to a musician who is hitting the road and going away on tour. She finds it tough, especially when she’s alone with the boys in Washington. Her home life can feel incredibly lonely."

Coleen admitted in August last year that one of the hardest things about relocating to America was saying goodbye to parents Colette and Tony McLoughlin, whom she is extremely close to, and relied on for help looking after her boys Kai, eight, Klay, five, Kit, two, and Cass, one.

"It’s hard not being able to pop down the road – an eight- hour flight is a long distance. You can’t just nip over for a cup of tea," Coleen explained.

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And although Coleen has flown her parents out to visit her and has been planning a trip back to the UK, our source explains she feels it’s not the same as having them there to support her full-time.

The insider reveals, "It’s hard enough missing Wayne when he’s gone, but Coleen also desperately misses her parents and her friends from her old life in Manchester. Sadly, with the kids still settling into school, she knows she can’t just drop everything and go home.

"She’s constantly FaceTiming her pals and admits she’s homesick. They always beg her to come back because they miss her just as much."

You can read the full story - including how Coleen's homesick - in this week's Closer magazine!

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