Coleen Rooney’s baby drama

The bitter battle between Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy looks set to take an unexpected turn as rumours of a pregnancy swirl

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She enjoyed a “much-needed” holiday in Barbados last week as she prepares for her court battle with Rebekah Vardy, in what is expected to be one of the most explosive in showbiz history after Coleen Rooney publicly blamed Rebekah’s Instagram account for leaking stories about her in October – which Rebekah, who was pregnant at the time, vehemently denies.

But while fans have been hooked by each instalment of the so-called “WAGatha Christie” scandal, they were distracted from the drama last week when Coleen, 34, was snapped wearing a selection of modest swimsuits including one with a skirt that covered her tummy – in stark contrast to her usual beach attire of skimpy bikinis. She kept fans guessing, though, when she shared a photo alongside Wayne with what appeared to be a martini cocktail.

Commenting on Coleen’s uncharacteristic choice of swimwear as she relaxed on the beach with husband Wayne, also 34, and their four sons, one remarked, “100% pregnant!” Another added, “Up the duff again? It’s not like her to wear a swimsuit and her skirt is pulled up quite high.” One comment – which was liked 730 times – read, “She looks pregnant” while another, which was liked 1,000 times, said, “Possibly pregnant? Coleen loves her bikinis.”

While expecting her fourth son Cass in 2017, Coleen initially shot down pregnancy speculation over her more rounded middle, telling fans she had simply “put on weight”. But insiders reveal that pals of the mum of four would not be shocked if she were expecting a baby in a bid to turn around her “year from hell”.

A source says, “With all the stress over the case with Rebekah, her friends wouldn’t be surprised if she did decide to have another baby. It would give her something positive to focus on and move on from the difficult few months she’s faced.”

The speculation comes two weeks after Rebekah’s court papers claimed that Coleen’s public assassination had left her feeling suicidal from “public ridicule and contempt”, and that the stress of the scandal had made her fearful of losing her unborn baby. She also highlighted how the extreme online trolling sparked by the accusation had given her panic attacks and caused her to feel “scared to leave the house”.

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Coleen and Rebekah in 2016 together ©Getty Images

Relationship expert Jo Barnett says the stress of a court case could affect a pregnancy, and believes a new baby could possibly put an end to Coleen’s feud with Rebekah.

She says, “When you’re pregnant, you often become more protective of your family and want a peaceful environment. Having a baby is such a positive thing – it’s exciting, and makes you think about the future. It’s a new beginning, in a sense, and the baby becomes the focus.

“The flip side is that your hormones are all over the place, so you may be more prone to lash out or get angry. So, in a way, that could drive her to go on with the court case.

“But you also can’t ignore the medical side of things – it’s important not to raise your blood pressure or become too stressed when pregnant, and this court case may bring on a lot of stress. So, that would be a reason she may back down from it – if she were pregnant, it could make her reassess things.”

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Wayne and Coleen Rooney's relationship timeline - SLIDER

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Wayne Rooney Coleen Rooney

Even though they first met at school when they were 12, Wayne and Coleen first started dating after they finished school at the age of 16.

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At just 17 Wayne joined Everton football club and even though they'd only been dating a year Coleen admitted that they had already discussed getting married.At the time she admitted: "We want to spend the rest of our lives together and there's no stronger commitment than getting married."

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The happy couple got engaged in 2003 at a petrol station after Wayne got down on one knee. He asked his childhood sweetheart to spend the rest of their lives together with a £46,500 engagement ring.

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CREDIT: Facebook / coleenrooney


Coleen discovered that Wayne slept with a 48-year-old nan in a brothel back in 2002

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The WAG then defended her fiancé and admitted when he cheated they hadn't slept together yet. She added, "we weren't having that kind of relationship at that stage."

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Wayne and Coleen looked totally loved up at a public event a year before they got married

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CREDIT: Twitter / ColeenRoo


At the age of 22, Wayne and Coleen tied the knot in a church in Italy!

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2009 – A year after their wedding, the happy couple welcomed their first child Kai into the world

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Just a year after they had their first child it was alleged that while Coleen was pregnant, Wayne cheated with prostitutes Jennifer Thompson and Helen Wood.

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CREDIT: Twitter / ColeenRoo


Even though Coleen and Kai moved out of their family home following the allegations, the married couple put their troubles aside and reunited.

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The happy couple look so adorable with their son Kai while they await the arrival of their second child

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CREDIT: Facebook / coleenrooney


The Rooneys welcomed their second baby into the world – Klay

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CREDIT: Instagram / coleenrooney


In 2016, the Rooney family welcome baby Kit into the world

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CREDIT: Flynet


During the summer holidays Coleen denied being pregnant after this photo emerged (even though she was)

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CREDIT: Instagram / waynerooney


After denying her pregnancy for weeks the happy couple soon confirmed the exciting news - that they're having their fourth child!

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CREDIT: Instagram / coleenrooney


It was shortly after the Rooneys announced they're having their fourth child that Wayne was pictured and arrested for drunk driving.

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Things went from bad to worst after it came to light that Wayne was driving Laura Simpson's car. She then spoke out and claimed that they "had a kiss, a hug, some banter, harmless fun".

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It was then reported that Coleen along with her sons had fled from the family home after revealing her marriage was over.

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CREDIT: Instagram / coleenrooney


Following the scandal, Wayne received a driving ban for two years following his arrest and Laura appeared on This Morning to deny ever cheating with the footballer.

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After weeks of speculation around the couples marriage, it appeared that all was forgiven and forgotten as it was reported that the pair were planning on renewing their wedding vows.

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Coleen then surprised everyone by being totally honest in a Facebook post and admitted that although she's been through a "shit time" she decided to forgive her husband because she wants to "try and continue our marriage and live as a family".

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In February 2018 the Rooney family got even bigger as the happy couple welcomed their fourth child into the world - baby Cass!Yup. They broke their tradition with names beginning with 'K' but the little is adorable so who cares, ey?

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CREDIT: Instagram / coleenrooney


The happy couple celebrated their 10-year wedding anniversary by sharing a collage of the years they've spent together. Coleen wrote alongside her Instagram snap: "Today we are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary!!! Time goes so quick.... so many great times together to remember ❤ufe0f "

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The footballer also posted a dozen snaps of his wife and wrote alongside the post: "Celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary today. Amazing memories with @coleen_rooney and lots more to make ❤ufe0f "

Coleen was said to be the driving force in footballer Wayne’s decision to cut short his contract with US-based team DC United, amid reports their marriage was “hanging by a thread” following a string of indiscretions, which included a ten-hour booze bender with a barmaid in Florida and reportedly stripping to his boxers in a hot tub with three women following a drunken night out with team-mates.

Their move back to England was said to mark a fresh start, and pals at the time revealed how Coleen wanted to put their troubles behind them by expanding their family.

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Opening up about her desire to have a daughter after giving birth to her third son, Kit, in 2015, the star – who’s also mum to Kai, ten, Klay, seven, and two-year-old Cass – said, “I can imagine having a girl. I’ve got a massive family, so I’m around girls as well as having boys myself. I’m not desperate, but a girl would be a nice part of the family.”

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From Cheryl to Coleen Rooney: where are the 2006 WAGS now?

Coleen Rooney's relief: 'I feel I can trust Wayne now'

Coleen Rooney: 'Wayne's ready to be a dad again'

Derby County player-coach Wayne isn’t always able to join Coleen on her regular trips to Barbados due to his work commitments and match schedules but he made the unusual move of joining his family and Coleen’s parents at the £25k-a-week luxury mansion they’re renting on the Caribbean island, as the football season has ended. While Coleen reportedly banned any mention of Rebekah, 38, during their sunshine break, amid claims Wayne was concerned about the stress the feud was causing her.

Speaking about motherhood in 2016, Coleen said, “I always wanted a big family… I love being a mum. One of the best things is hearing the boys laugh and hearing them say, ‘I love you Mummy’. I’ve always been a maternal person, and there were a lot of children in my family who I helped look after. Motherhood came pretty naturally to me.”

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