Closer’s pregnancy blogger Suzanne Shaw: ‘Life is about to change for ALL of us’

Pregnant Suzanne Shaw reveals how she's preparing her son for the arrival of his half brother or sister


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Time is ticking away 'til my due date now and I would be lying if I said my brain was not doing over-time.

Not only is it doing over-time with my checklist of things to do- do we have everything we need? Nursery is sorted, nappies, baby grows...etc! I'm also thinking about how life is going to change for us all.

Of course I'm prepared for what's going to happen but it's Sam's first time - how is he going to cope? I know parenting comes naturally to him and he's a great role model to Corey but those sleepless nights and the parental worry can do crazy things to your mind. And then it really tests the strength of the relationship. I have total faith in us but I will be honest, it's crossed my mind a few times.

Now the one thing that has crossed my mind from day one and has continuously, is what a huge change it's going to be for Corey.

Nowadays, families come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and it's reassuring that as parents we just make it work and do what we can to make our children happy. Corey is my rock and I worship the ground he walks on. He's always adapted well to every situation we've been in, work or home life, and taken it in his stride. He's never complained and always excels; I'm hoping I have a little to do with his good nature and great attitude but I have to say it's just a part of Corey.

I know he's really excited about being a brother and he's going to dote on the little baby, I just hope he doesn't feel any major shift in the family dynamic. I'll do everything in my power that he doesn't, but you hear of problems and upset in same parent families, let alone stepdad and mum combo.

Please feel free to tweet me if anyone else has experienced this or is going through the same situation. It's good to feel we're not alone.

On a lighter note, we headed off to Kent this weekend and had a lovely time. My manager Scott has a gorgeous pub, The Kings Head, in a little village called Wye. We stayed the night there and had an amazing meal. I don't know if any of you pregnant ladies get this but I feel like I'm struggling to fit in any food at the moment with the baby taking up all the space I have.

Suzanne made a giraffe friend!
Suzanne made a giraffe friend!

After a lovely stroll around the village the next morning, we headed over to Port Lympne Safari Park. What a brilliant place to visit. We had so much fun feeding the wild animals, driving around the reserve and coming up close to endangered species; it was incredible and we even made friends with a Rhino who seemed to take a liking to us.

Suzanne and her family had a nice, relaxing weekend away

That night we stayed in one of the reserve's tree houses. They are amazing. Corey especially loved it as you can imagine from a 10 year old boy.

Corey checking out the wildlife!

After a really wonderful meal, we went on our own, late-night, private trip of the park in a little buggy. As family adventures go, this was the one! It was like being in the middle of Jurassic Park with all the noises. We didn't see many animals (probably sleeping!) apart from the wild dogs which were a little odd looking, but it was so exciting driving around at sunset.... Corey even had a little go.

Preparing for the birth!

I'm really getting prepared for the birth now. We are going to be testing out the birthing pool and I'm practicing the Katharine Graves hypnobirthing technique everyday... 6 weeks to go!

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