Closer’s pregnancy blogger Suzanne Shaw: ‘I’ve been in hospital with severe pains and have been diagnosed with PGP’

Suzanne Shaw opens up about her dramatic dash to hospital, after she started suffering from labour like pains


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"At the weekend Sam and I had our parents down for a joint family get-together and for the grandparents to get to know each other better. It's not the first time they've met but we wanted to do something nice for them before their grandchild comes along.

It was so lovely having them stay and watch them get along so well and talk about their excitement for the new arrival. I'm just gutted we didn't get any pictures, but not to worry, there'll be lots more opportunities for that.

Unfortunately, at the weekend, I started with severe pains in my stomach, back and legs. It was like labour pains but it was too irregular to be contractions. It came and went and I made sure it didn't ruin our time together, which thankfully it didn't.

However, on Tuesday evening I couldn't take it anymore and off I went to hospital. Sam was away but luckily my friend Matt (Evers) had come over for the day and after dinner that night, when the pain became too much, he was there to take me off to hospital.

I was monitored for a couple of hours and thankfully everything was ok with the baby. It turns out I have Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP). The intensity of pain ranges from woman to woman, some women even end up on crutches!

It's caused by a pelvic problem, it's common in 1 in 5 women and symptoms can occur at any stage during or following pregnancy. Symptoms are - pain and stiffness in the pelvic joints, difficulty walking, climbing stairs and turning in bed. For me walking around was becoming an impossible task.

I'm thankful there's nothing more sinister going on because the pain is at times and has been unbearable - unfortunately the discomfort will probably be with me till the end now. The tips I've been given to help are... Hot baths, yoga, stretches, sitting on a medicine ball and swimming. I'll be trying all of them out, believe me."

It's funny really, I've had a really good pregnancy run so far, but I'm obviously not going to get off that lightly. It's safe to say I'm getting my fair share now. Hands and feet are swollen on a daily basis, indigestion every time I eat and sleepless nights. When I do get to sleep I'm having super crazy dreams... What's that about?

Honestly my dreams are bizarre. They are mainly about giving birth (to be expected) but when I give birth, it's to a child and not a baby. Full head of hair, full set of teeth and then it goes running off to play with Corey. Most of the time it's a little girl apart from the other night, when for the first time, I dreamt we had a boy. Sam said I shouted out the name in my sleep. We have two names shortlisted but only boys' names, we can't agree on girls... Could it be a sign?

Now I'm entering the final month, I'm in great need to find things to do or get myself a little hobby. I'm driving myself mad with the fact it's a waiting game now and all you do is think about/guess when you might go into labour. It's sending my bonkers!

I think that's why the last month seems to drag out because you end up obsessing about everything. Plus because you are so uncomfortable all the time and you get tired so easily you're restricted on the things you can do And I'm struggling to even find an outfit that fits at this stage.. It ain't easy growing a baby!"

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