Closer writers debate: Can you truly love a partner who has cheated a la Katie Price and Kieran Hayler

Katie Price recently tweeted a photo of several bouquets of flowers sent from Kieran Hayler, with him claiming that he will 'always love' her. Following his affair scandal, do you think it's possible that he truly does love her?


by Fiona Day |
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Closer writer Fiona Day thinks that a cheating lover can never truly love you...


I refuse to believe that someone who truly loves you could find it in themselves to cheat on you.

Cheating is often a symptom of an already sick and dying relationship, and I think that if your partner cheats it’s a clear-cut sign that they don’t feel the same love for you as they once did.

If you have ever truly been in love, you’ll know that nobody else compares to that person. You spend every moment you’re apart looking forward to when you see them next and all other people fade in comparison.

I think that if you truly love someone, you wouldn’t want to see them hurt or do anything that might upset them.

You can argue that cheating is about respect rather than love, but I think that if you really love someone then respect comes out of this as a result.

If he cheats on you, he doesn’t love you. Certainly not enough for them to be worthy of your love anyway.

Closer writer Jack White thinks that cheating doesn't always mean there's no love...

I definitely do not think that just because somebody cheats it means they don’t love you.

These days, there is so much temptation all around that I truly believe that slip ups can – and will – happen.

For example, it’s plainly obvious, to me, that Kieran loves Katie, but the temptation of an affair with her best friend was too much to resist.

The fact is, the person, or people, you ‘slip up’ with, cannot in any way compare to the person you choose to be with and the person you go home to at night.

With so many ‘horror’ stories of happy families being broken up because of the discovery of cheating, I think it’s time to accept that infidelity is becoming more and more inevitable.

You could say it’s a case of ignorance is bliss and what you don’t know can’t hurt you.

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