Closer’s columnist Tina Malone: “What will Gemma Collins really do without reality TV?”

"I'm coming to you from sunny Cyprus where we had our IVF treatment before our daughter Flame was conceived.


by Jessica Anais Rach |
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The weather has been beautiful and Flame loves the beach, the sea and swimming in the pool with daddy. This has been a most needed holiday for me, Flame and Paul.

Whilst here, I've been catching up on all the goss, and of course the jungle.

I'm surprised Gemma Collins says she's quitting TV following her jungle exit.

Michael Buerk, the legendary accomplished BBC journalist, put it perfectly when he said:

"She isn't an actor, singer, writer but says she has had enough of TV - what exactly will she do if she has no talent other than an engaging personality?"

It's so true, think about it - Carl Fogarty is an athlete, Craig Charles is an actor, Vikki Michelle an actress, Melanie Sykes a presenter...

I think the fat jokes about Gemma have been wearing a bit thin - pardon the pun, and are getting out of hand.

I won't be slagging off Gemma Collins over her weight, I've been a fat bird and know what it's like to obsess over food...or lack of it.

However if you go into the jungle you know what's ahead. That has certainly put me off ever doing it, even though it's compulsive viewing.

This week Myleene Klass hit out at Ed Milliband's proposal for mansion tax, which is ironic considering she is the face of Littlewoods - a catalogue aimed at those who can't afford to shop on the high street.

My little Flame on holiday

Why would make such a silly attack? Be careful what you say Myleene, you may lose your "mansion" if the catalogue company make you redundant and then you won't be airing you're obvious political persuasions to the right.

My money is still on Andreas to win X Factor, and Melanie Sykes to be queen of the jungle!

Meanwhile, this is my column for the moment hope you have all enjoyed it!

Now I'm getting back to watching the jungle. Love T x"

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