Closer’s Big Brother columnist Gina Rio: “I like Helen Wood- she’s the only real one”

Queen of handbags, shoes and controversial opinions, Big Brother 14's 'bronze winner' Gina gives her weekly verdict on all the Big Brother 15 shenanigans..


by Jessica Anais Rach |
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I've recently been catching up on The latest shows of Big Brother for this week and some of housemates have shocked me!

*Helen's temper towards Danielle was shocking, although I found it quite entertaining I couldn't help feeling sorry for Danielle - she looked ready to cry. *

*As much as I disagree with certain aspects of Danielle's anti- gay beliefs, it was unpleasant and pretty nasty of Helen to make jokes about her "sleeping with Jesus", I found it quite disrespectful, vulgar and vile coming from an adult's mouth. *

Helen and Danielle have made up following their row earlier this week
Helen and Danielle have made up following their row earlier this week

However I've grown to like Helen as I feel that with her personality what you see is what you get. She's probably the least fake housemate in the house.

At the moment my favourite housemate is Kimberly. She's absolutely gorgeous, well composed, surprisingly concise and astute!

It's quite hilarious to watch as she could take them all down one by one by outsmarting them! She's the most intelligent in the house by far, I hope she does not


However, speaking of disappointment it's unfortunate that I've changed my opinions on Pauline. It's quite sad as I had high hopes for her and assumed she would be quite motherly and sweet in the house, instead she's quite manipulative and has revealed a discourteous side towards fellow housemates.

I also dislike the fact that the majority of the house are keen to voice their catty opinions regarding Christopher behind his back which shows that they're inauthentic cowards.

Playboy model with a law degree Kimberly is Gina's favourite housemate

I'm hoping to see more action from the house! I've seen a great deal of disagreements and tensions form in a short space of a week. I'm eager to see various housemates crack and reveal their true colours.

It's eviction night tonight and I think Jale deserves to stay. She's grown on me, she hasn't annoyed me as much as I thought she would have!

I wouldn't care if Danielle or Tamara leave! Danielle's annoyed me because I do not agree with some of her views, however shes more of entertaining to watch than Tamara.

Tamara is Gina's favourite to go tonight

Tamara should go because there would be no loss.. As she's not a big character and all she does it giggle and roll around on the floor drunk.

Can't wait to see who goes tonight!

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