Closer Online talks to Spider-Man stars Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield: ‘It’s difficult to be a hero and have a personal life’

Closer Online caught up with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone to talk to them about finding that work/life balance and being scared of spiders!


by Fiona Day |
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Emma Stone looked sensational on the red carpet in a floor length yellow gown and retro hair and make-up.

The actress stars in the movie with her off-screen boyfriend, Andrew Garfield.

She told us that when it comes to working with people you’re close to it ‘ups the ante.’

‘When it comes to working with people you know… I’ve worked with a couple actors- you just know each other better, it ups your ante, you just know each other’s lines.’

Emma plays Gwen in the blockbuster
Emma plays Gwen in the blockbuster

We asked her boyfriend Andrew Garfield, who plays Spider-Man, if he has had to get over his fear of heights in the film.

‘I have a healthy fear of heights, but I kind of enjoy them. There’s something thrilling about being on top of tall building.’

Spiderman himself says its difficult being a hero

Unlike Spider-Man, Andrew doesn’t have to worry about sacrificing his personal life for his career.

Jamie plays Spiderman's arch enemy

‘You know what its especially difficult to be a hero and to have a personal life (like Spider-Man), I’m not a hero, I’m an actor, thankfully!’

Jamie Foxx, who plays bad guy Electro in the movie, isn’t quite as brave as co-star Andrew when it comes to spiders: ‘I don’t know anybody that likes spiders… I can’t stand them!’

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