Closer Online’s columnist Tina Malone on Romeo Beckham, cheating partners and having more babies

Am I just obsessed with being a mum again, or does it seem that nowadays when we are talking about celebrities it seems to go hand in hand with talking about being a parent?


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No longer is it interesting to people, nor should it be, about how many people a celeb has slept with, how many drugs they have taken or what hotel window they've thrown a TV out of.

Even Robert Downey Jr and Robbie Williams made headlines this week about having children.

'Maybe 2016 will bring me another bundle of joy'

Every week, instead of running into Harvey Nics cooing over the latest McQueen or Gucci numbers, or All Saints for the high street value, I find myself in Mothercare or Baby Next smiling at the beautiful fashion for kids. Even F&F at Tesco's do the most beautiful ensemble pieces for children!

Tina's partner Paul with their daughter Flame
Tina's partner Paul with their daughter Flame

It makes me want to have more children by the day. I'll have to think about that post plastic surgery, maybe 2016 will bring me another bundle of joy.

'I wonder if Romeo Beckham got the job because of his parents!'

Staying with parents I see this week the beautiful Romeo Beckham is posing for Burberry. He is the image of his mother, only with a lovely smile. I wonder if he got the job because of his parents! What do you think?

Again another celeb – the gorgeous Abbey Clancy and her mum have created a fragrance for AVON the pics of her and her mum 53 are truly beautiful, I've known Abbey a long time and she is not only stunning but a lovely girl.

Tina wonders if David and Victoria helped Romeo to get his Burberry job

On the 24th March this year I was 13st 4lb with a 12 week old baby. I am now 8st 10lb 8 months on and fiercely proud of it, but did notice this week that Scarlett Johansson, who gave birth less than a month ago, looks incredible already.

I would slap her if I saw her just out of sheer jealousy but then again she is half my age.

It seems we are constantly celebrating in these hard difficult times – recession, world poverty, war and disease – that we are pro active in celebrating families which to me is a good thing.

She is confident Paul would never be unfaithful, like Kieran Hayler was to Katie Price

I love being married and a mum. It's tiring and hard, especially working on many different projects there are never enough hours in a day.

Yet we are constantly reading about celebs cheating and I hate to say it mostly men who are married to beautiful models, actresses, pop stars etc.

'My husband wouldn't cheat if I left him alone with 20 naked lap dancers'

Even with my droopy boobs my excess skin and the fact I am neurotic, self obsessed, eccentric, to name just a few of my positive attributes, my husband wouldn't cheat if I left him alone with 20 naked lap dancers, he has morals principles, loyalty and, apart from that, he loves me dearly and would probably be too terrified, only joking.

To finish, the lovely Lynda Bellingham, brave to the end, was buried this week. A wonderful tribute to one of our national treasures, a lady who was very open and honest about dealing with cancer.

Loose Women will never be the same without her.

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