Closer Online’s Christmas with Nicola McLean: “I’d love to kiss Jamie Redknapp under the mistletoe – but Louise might kill me!”

Walking into Nicola McLean’s detached home in Buckinghamshire we found her and best friend Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace relaxing in their Miia Boutique onesies, ready for our night of pampering and cocktails.


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Nicola, 33, greeted us with a hug and the obligatory double kiss, before Aisleyne, 35, jumped up from the squashy coffee-coloured sofa she’d been perched on. Nicola’s home may isn’t overly massive not be a WAG style mansion, but it’s homely and just as glam as you’d expect.

We were joined by Fake Bake, ready to show off their new beauty products, and two guys from Coxtails waiting to serve us drinks.

The walls were covered in pictures of Nicola’s sons Rocky, eight, and four-year-old Striker, as well as adorable moulds of each of their hands and feet.

Closer's Jack with Nicola and Aisleyne
Closer's Jack with Nicola and Aisleyne

Something that registered straight away was that fact 34-year-old Tom Williams, Nicola’s estranged husband, was in many of the photos. She later told me: “You have to change the pictures in the house slowly, because of the boys, so I’m doing them one at a time, so that they don’t notice.”

With a mojito in hand, Nicola got talking about all things Christmas.

After rumours of his infidelity earlier this year, Nicola confirmed in August that she and Tom had separated, after five years of marriage.

So what’s Christmas day going to be like in the McLean-Williams household this year?

“It’s always totally kids,” she told me. “I get up whenever they get up, they come and jump on my bed with their stockings.

Nicola invited Closer round for a night of Fake Bake pampering and Coxtails drinks!

“We go downstairs, I always go in the front room before them so I can video them opening their presents. Then we we go to my sister’s, although this year will obviously be different from last year because of the situation.”

And what will Rocky and Striker be opening this year?

“My boys have asked for literally everything – they’ve got lists as long as my arm. So everything they want. I go mad, I’m not going to lie. And I cry every Christmas Eve that I haven’t got them enough, which is ridiculous.”

She said it’s a ‘mum thing’, and I’m sure anyone who has kids will agree.

Nicola seems to be coping surprisingly well with her status as a single parent, explaining: “I’ve got two boys to be strong for. I’m happy.”

And she’s adamant there’s no going back for her and Tom.

While her kids are her main focus right now, everyone wants someone to kiss under the mistletoe and Nicola’s no different. But this year has taught her the meaning of sisterhood.

She said: “If what happened to me hadn’t happened this year, I would choose Jamie Redknapp to kiss under the mistletoe. But Louise [Redknapp, his wife] might kill me.”

One thing Nicola won’t be doing this year is the cooking! “I never cook Christmas dinner,” she said, laughing. “I enjoy drinking fizz far too much to do the cooking.”

And this year has been so unpredictable for Nicola, that she’s not even bothering to make a New Year’s resolution.

“I don’t have one, never do,” she insisted. “How do I know what’s going to happen? Look what’s happened to me this year.”

But what does Nicola want out of 2015? “I know I’m really boring, but I don’t plan – bigger boobs and more kids!” She was joking- I think.

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