Closer Online columnist Marnie Simpson: “I’ll be with Ricky forever”

In her EXCLUSIVE Closer Online column, Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson spills her love secrets with boyfriend Ricky Rayment and how she's preparing her body for the Geordie Shore house


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Loved up with Ricky!

So, I am back in the UK after a dream holiday with Ricky at his parents’ place in Florida and I just know that I am going to be with my Essex boy forever. It just feels right – and his parents would make the nicest grandparents!

At the end of our holiday we went to some local bars and I got so drunk. It’s the first time his parents have seen me like that. I have no idea what I said – Geordie Shore Marnie came out to play – but everyone is still speaking to me. That’s a good sign.

I am different with Ricky around – and our rowing about me going into the Geordie Shore house has stopped. It was great to spend some time together and he knows how special he is to me.

Marnie is DONE with ex Aaron

It was the first holiday ever where I felt really grown up. I know that sounds silly, but I am still only young, and every holiday before Ricky has been about going out on the lash every night!

On this holiday, I even went fishing- and I caught a fish! Ricky caught a shark – a bloody shark! (But it was only a little one).

I also know that I want to live in the sun. As much as I love Newcastle, my goal is to move somewhere hot eventually as the sun really makes me happy.

Getting back in shape

I feel slimmer today. Towards the end of the holiday, I eventually found the energy to go for a jog. It's that hot I came back soaked. I am really hoping Charlotte will bring her DVD into the house when we start filming and we can do it on our down time.

I've also been buying some really nice swimsuits for filming. I know I shouldn’t have a hang up about it, but I don't really want to wear a bikini as I'm not comfortable with my tummy. I won’t show it in photo shoots either. We all have a hang up and this is mine.

On the other hand, I ordered a thong swimsuit as I've always liked my bum and if I'm covering my top half I may as well show my best asset.

I’m not sure how Ricky feels, though. I asked him if he would mind if I wore it in the hot tub in the house and he said he didn't, but I could tell he secretly isn’t happy about it.

He has no need to worry, though. I know I have been a bit of an idiot in the past, but Ricky means so much to me that I would never do anything to hurt him.

It is over with Aaron and me. In the last series, I saw him for what he is really worth. Hopefully we can get along, but I have no desire to do anything more than that.

Feuding with Vicky Pattison

All of the girls get on so well in the house now. It is great. People have often said that I am more of a lads’ lass, rather than a lasses’ lass, if you see what I mean, but us girls are really close now.

I will be spending more time with them than the boys now. There has been friction in the past with Vicky and I have seen quotes about me from her in the press.

I am not the girl who hides the dirty dishes under the sofa any more, rather than clear them up, like I did when Vicky was in the house (well at least I try not to be). We will never be best mates, but I wish her luck with Judge Geordie. I won’t be able to watch it, but I hope it goes really well.

Marnie is confident about her bum

Cutting down on carbs

While I’ve been away, I have been trying to be good with my eating. The first part of my holiday was just a massive pig out. Although I have been having some booze, I have tried to keep an eye on my diet. I have been having lots of protein, vegetables and salad.

It’s easy there, because there is more of an outdoor lifestyle, so I have been having lots of BBQ meat – and putting all the carbs on to Ricky’s plate. I have been running on the treadmill and will return to doing so when I get out of the house.

Marnie is planning to top up her lip fillers

Leave my lips alone!

I'm sick of all the grief I get over my bloody lips. It's a joke. It’s up to me what I choose to do with my body! I've always had reasonably big lips and I've had them filled a few times and I like it. I prefer it.

I'm getting fed up with the Twitter and Instagram hate. It is because of all these haters that us girls have insecurities in the first place. I know it’s part of being on TV, but to start with, it used to really get to me.

Anyways, I've recently booked in for a facial and a little filler as it's been almost a year since I had it done. Let's just see how much hate I get. I am so used to it now I try to let it entertain me rather than hurt me!

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