Closer EXCLUSIVE: Millie Mackintosh shares her ‘frustration’ over being thinspiration to young girls

The former Made In Chelsea star defends her love of healthy eating and exercise to Closer

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by Rebecca Twomey |
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Millie Mackintosh has faced a lot of criticism for her slim figure and dedicated gym routine and in the past has been slammed for being a ‘thinspiration’ to young girls.

But when Closer caught up with the former reality TV star, she explains that she takes being a role model to women very seriously.


Mille says: “It’s frustrating [when people accuse me of being too thin] but I know I’m healthy. I’m flattered people see me as an inspiration, I enjoy being healthy and live a balanced lifestyle, it’s great if people want to do the same. What I find frustrating is the media calling me a 'thinspiration' that’s what puts an unhealthy idea into young girls heads.”

While the 24-year-old star may look flawless, even she has body hang-ups and has a weakness for calorific cocktails.

She adds: “People may see photos of me drinking green juices and having healthy meals but you don’t see as many of me having cocktails and junk food on the weekend! When I indulge I see it on the back of my legs and round my hips – they are always the toughest part to firm up. I wish when I over indulged it would just go to my boobs but unfortunately it doesn't work like that!”


Millie with her husband, rapper Professor Green

The star – who wed rapper Professor Green last summer - credits married life with helping her stick to a healthy lifestyle.

Millie says: “I’ve become healthier over the last year! Eating healthier has become a lifestyle choice and has made me more body confident. working out makes me feel more mentally stimulated and awake and cutting out wheat has made me a lot less sluggish.”


With all this newfound energy and enthusiasm, there’s no stopping Millie! Following her stint on Celebrity Masterchef she reveals she’s got lots lined up for 2014.

She reveals: “I’ve always been true to myself and don't just do every job that’s come my way. I'm very lucky to work with such amazing brands and I love modelling and being a brand ambassador. Having my first clothing line come out this year is a dream come true! Masterchef has been my favourite project, I love sharing recipes on Instagram and I love cooking so there may be a recipe book in the pipeline.”

Millie is the face of the clinically proven, advanced skincare brand NIP+FAB

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