Closer columnist Sam Bailey slams Alex Reid: ‘He’s only famous for dating Katie Price!’

Our columnist Sam Bailey discusses North West, Perrie Edwards and Zayn Maliks’ break-up, and Alex Reid’s feud with Katie Price.


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“Hi guys – I’ve been off this week which has been lovely. We’re just getting everything ready for my Halloween party, and I bought two skeletons to greet the guests at the door… they’re called Arthur and Martha!

“We’re decorating the house with loads of cobwebs and stuff, and I’ve got a lot of treats for everyone. The next thing is the beer and pizza run. I’m dressing up as a scary clown because I have to be able to take the mask off so I don’t scare my youngest daughter Miley.

“We’ve had to get someone to look after the dogs for the night because otherwise they’ll be like hoovers, picking up food and all sorts and we don’t want them getting ill.

Sam has been enjoying some time off this week
Sam has been enjoying some time off this week

“This week I had a photo shoot for something I’m venturing into next year, and I’m trying to book a holiday. We’re looking at the First Choice Holiday Villages – just something with loads of activities that’s really family orientated.

“But I’ve also got my eye on the Atlantis in Dubai. I’m so busy next year so I’m looking at dates – and it’s going to be so difficult to get the right timings.

“I thought, ‘You know what, let’s just book a holiday for the October break’. I’m working so much during the next Summer holidays, the kids are going to be coming with me to all my gigs and stuff, I’ve got a couple of cruise ships booked, so they’ll have lots of little breaks. But I want a holiday away from everything, where I’m not working and it’s just me and the family.

With her gorgeous new puppy Buster

“I saw a clip this week which showed Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s little girl North asking the paparazzi to stop taking pictures of her.

“She’s only two-years-old, so I don’t agree with the photographers behaving like that. Because of the family’s profile, North should have security with her when she’s going to things like ballet class.

“If I was that famous I would have security laid on to look after her, even if she was with the babysitter. I don’t have a problem with the paparazzi, but my eldest daughter Brooke is not keen on being in photos – so I kind of shield her from the cameras. My son Tommy, on the other hand, is there, just smiling away. People fell in love with me and my family while I was on The X Factor, so I know it comes with the territory.

“But if Kim and Kanye want to keep their daughter away from the paparazzi then they should have security at all times. I wouldn’t need one: I’m an ex-prison officer and I’ve got a gob on me!

“The X Factor auditions wrapped up this weekend, and I have to say I don’t totally agree with the judges choices of who they’re taking through to the live shows.

“One of the biggest shocks for me was Simon Cowell’s over 25s – I don’t think Bupsi Brown should’ve been picked. He audition at judges houses came across as a bit awkward. It didn’t feel like she was really taking it seriously. I’m sure she’s a nice enough girl, though.

Sam wasn't keen on Bupsi's performance

“I felt sorry for Louis Tomlinson [Simon’s guest at judges’ houses], he looked really uncomfortable and like he almost wanted to laugh.

This year’s contestants had a long time to wait to find out if they’d made it through – I would have struggled to hold it in for that long. All I had to do was keep my mouth shut for a few weeks, and it was hard work. The live aspect was really harsh.

“It was reported this week that Perrie Edwards is hitting back at Zayn Malik through Little Mix’s new material. If this is the case then I think it’s a great time for her to write. Perrie’s emotions are running high and it will all be coming from within.

“All you have to do is look at Adele – she’s written all of those huge tracks as a result of a break-up. Brooke is absolutely mad about Little Mix and their new single is constantly playing lately. So much so that she’s got her headphones on all the time at home and I struggle to get through to her because she can’t hear me!

Sam thinks it's great that Perrie is turning her emotions into music

“I’ve written a few tracks about my experiences, so I totally get why she’s doing it. It’s much easier to express yourself through music.

I recently visited a prison and met some male inmates who were playing guitars. I told them to express themselves through writing songs because it’s a great way to get things out.

“To finish up, I want to talk about Alex Reid and his outrageous claims about Katie Price this week. I know Katie, she’s a friend of mine, and she’s an absolute gem of a girl. I can’t see her behaving like that or saying any of those things.

“Katie’s a great force – she’s strong and she’s a great mum. She’ll deal with this in the best way she knows how, and that’s to hold her head up high and to shrug it off.

Sam doesn't believe Alex's claims about Katie

“At the end of the day, she’s made a career from being a strong businesswoman and being a strong person and he’s feeding off of her, so it’s him that looks a bit silly.

“You shouldn’t get on the wrong side of the Pricey! I absolutely love her, she came to see my show in London and she said we need a movie night with the kids. She’s a great support, she loves me and I love her.

“She’ll deal with Alex – she’s had to deal with a lot of sh*t in her life, so she’ll rise above this. This isn’t going to touch her. She’ll give him a warning, and say, ‘You wanna mess with me? You try it!’

“He’s not famous for anything apart from being with her. This will get him back in the public eye for a little bit, then he’ll date someone else and he might dress up as a woman again – who knows?

“Right – I’ve got to go into a meeting now, but make sure you tweet me any comments you have about this week’s column!

“Love, Sam xxx”

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