Claudia Winkleman on why she doesn’t own a TV: ‘I prefer my children to use their imaginations’

Claudia Winkleman has criticised parents who let their children watch television, insisting that families should talk instead of relying on screens

Claudia Winkleman on why she doesn’t own a TV: ‘I prefer my children to use their imaginations’

by Kayleigh Dray |
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Claudia Winkleman might be one of the biggest names in British television, but the mother-of-three has revealed that she doesn’t own a single TV.

The 43-year-old, who presents Strictly Come Dancing, warned that parents are too obsessed with technology nowadays.

And she insisted that adult who opt for television time over family time are ‘moronic’ role models.

Claudia told The Sun On Sunday: "We need to learn when to switch off. I’m probably the only person who doesn’t have an iPhone, and I’ve got no tellies – which is ridiculous seeing as I work in telly.

“The children of the future will be in therapy going, 'I never talked to my mum and dad as they were always online'.

“It’s gone a bit bonkers.”


Speaking about her own children, Matilda, Jake, and Arthur, she added firmly: "I want my children to lay in a hammock, read a book and use their imaginations."

The admission came as something of a surprise to many, as Claudia is currently appearing in a promotion for BBC, in which she talks about all of her favourite TV shows.

However her comments have rung true with plenty of people - especially as experts recently revealed that our obsession with technology is turning our little ones into poor readers.

Diana Gerald, the Chief Executive of the Book Trust, insisted that men are the worst culprits, saying: "Dads are great users of electronic media, very quick to switch on the TV or pick up a tablet.

“Children see this and, when you combine that with the historical fact that dads have never read as much as mums to kids, there is a problem."

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She added firmly: “It’s great to be able to get the football results online at the flick of a mouse, but dads should also be picking up a book and reading aloud to their youngsters."

Do you agree with Claudia Winkleman - is our love of technology ruining family time?

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Do you agree with Claudia Winkleman?

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