Chloe Mafia on frightening encounter with The Illuminati: ‘They wanted to recruit me’

The former X Factor star has revealed a man who falsely claimed to be a member of The Illuminati reached out to her

Chloe Khan

by Francesca Battson |
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Chloe Mafia – who is now a millionaire glamour model, who goes by the name Chloe Khan – has opened up about her unnerving experience about a man who wanted to make her as famous as Kim Kardashian and Beyonce.

Chloe believed the man was legitimate because his email address was his name @voguepublications, however her manager Chrissy was unsure.

Chrissy then proceeded to give the mystery man her number so that she could pretend to be Chloe on WhatsApp.

Chloe revealed the experience in a YouTube video she posted earlier this week. She said she want to share her story after recently watching a video called ‘I Just Got Contacted By The Illuminati’ where another girl had a similar experience to Chloe.

In the messages, Chloe recalled that the man said: “I can make you the biggest star pretty much in the world alongside Kim Kardashian and Beyonce etc.

“He said, ‘Have you ever heard of me? I’ll give you 3 minutes to Google it’.”

Chloe said Chrissy then searched for the man’s name and he came up as a ‘big scout’ and whom he was making himself out to be.

Chloe then said he asked if she knew about The Illumnati and gave them another three minutes to search and find out about it.

Which is when he revealed the true reasons for messaging, according to Chloe. He said: “Basically I’m messaging you from The Illuminati. We’ve been watching you for the last five months.

“We want to recruit you. We want you to work with us. You’ll have £60 million in the next 2 years.”

Chloe’s manager Chrissy then decided that this was a prank and tried to back off in the messages. Chloe then claimed he started to threaten her, saying: “To prove to you the strength of the power I have, a glass will smash in your home in the next 12 hours.”

She said that a glass never broke in her house within 12 hours, but strangely a few days later one of the glass sheets on her balcony fell off and smashed…

Chloe did say at the end of the video that she believes the man was a hoaxer as she noticed a few other people online have had the same experience. She added: “If you get contacted about a man about the Illuminati, know that it’s probably absolute rubbish.”

But her fans commented on the video to say how creepy they thought the story was.

One said: “Wow that's so scary and creepy!”

“That's so scary omg,” another added.

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