EXCLUSIVE! Pregnant Chloe Goodman: ‘Doctors say this must be my last baby’

Chloe Goodman exclusively reveals to Closer that she’s expecting baby number two, opens up about her difficult first trimester, and reveals why she feels so blessed to be able to have children after so many health concerns

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Her journey to motherhood hasn’t been easy, but Chloe Goodman is delighted to be expecting her second baby. The reality star – who is mum to Isla, one, with Middlesborough footballer fiancé Grant Hall – is due in early March and can’t wait to add to her family.

“We’re absolutely thrilled,” beams Chloe. “I took the test and told Grant the news by putting Isla in a ‘Promoted to big sister’ T-shirt when he came home. I also gave her the pregnancy test to hold, which probably wasn’t the best idea as she put it straight in her mouth! I can’t wait to have two children and for Isla to have a sibling.”

But Chloe, 28, has not had the smoothest of rides and this pregnancy is considered high risk. After having her first smear test four years ago, doctors discovered high-grade 3 abnormal cells, which could have led to cervical cancer if left untreated. Following a biopsy, Chloe had an operation in 2018 to remove part of her cervix. At the time, she was warned she had a higher risk of miscarriage or premature birth, so when she was pregnant with Isla she had a cervical stitch put in at 14 weeks – which was removed at 36 weeks – to avoid this. This time around, she will have the same procedure, though doctors have told her it would be too risky to have a third child.

She says, “They have to put the stitch higher up than it was with Isla because of the scar tissue and I don’t have much of my cervix left anyway, so I’ve been told I won’t be able to carry again after this pregnancy. This will be our last child.”

chloe goodman
‘We’re lucky to be able to have kids’ ©Charlotte Hackett

But while she was shocked to be told this, Chloe says she and Grant have come to terms with the idea.

“I thought I could just keep getting the stitches, but we’re lucky to be able to have kids full stop,” she says. “We kind of had two in our minds anyway.”

Model Chloe, who appeared on Ex On The Beach, says she and Grant – who announced Isla’s gender with a spectacular firework display on New Year’s Eve – are really hoping for a boy this time around.

“Knowing it’s our last, we’d absolutely love a little boy. It would be lovely to have one of each [sex] but we’re grateful either way to be able to carry a pregnancy,” she says. “We’ll find out the sex and do a gender reveal, probably something involving Isla!”

Chloe has been very honest about her battle with postnatal depression (PND) following Isla’s birth in May 2020, admitting she struggled to bond with her daughter and adjust to life as a first-time mum. She reveals she is concerned it will return after the birth of this baby.

“My midwife has said it’s likely to happen again with the next one,” she explains. “With Isla, I didn’t know why I was feeling the way I was. I eventually felt better after six to eight months as I bonded more, but it was very tough. This time, I will be more able to recognise it.”

Chloe believes part of her struggle with PND last time was down to her worries during her first pregnancy.

“I was so scared of losing Isla that I didn’t bond with the bump. I was thinking, ‘Let’s get past 12 weeks, let’s get past the stitch, let’s get past 20 weeks, then 30, 36.’ So then I really only allowed myself to bond with her for the last few weeks of pregnancy. By the time she was here, I hadn’t prepared myself for the fact I was going to be a mum. This time around, I am allowing myself to bond with the baby. I’ve already started to, which I think will help.”

And Chloe has lots of mum friends around for support. Her sister Lauryn had a baby – with Manchester City star Kyle Walker – at the same time Chloe had Isla, and now the pair’s friend Lauren Goodger has become a mum for the first time too. Lauren gave birth to baby Larose in July and Chloe says she can’t wait to meet her little one.

She says, “I spoke to Lauren yesterday and it was lovely to catch up with her. I don’t know how she’s done it. She’s just moved house with a newborn and she’s breastfeeding. She’ll make a fantastic mother. It’s going to be so cute seeing all the kids growing up together – we can’t wait.”

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‘I want my kids to understand their privilege’

As their family grows, Chloe and Grant are keen to ensure their children understand the fortunate life they lead. With Grant playing for Championship football team Middlesborough and Chloe running a successful cosmetics company, she wants Isla and her sibling to grow up understanding how lucky they are and the value of hard work.

“It’s a privilege to live in a house like we do. We have a gym and a cinema room, and I don’t want my kids thinking that’s normal or they can be bratty,” she explains. “I think we’ll have Isla and the baby share a bedroom growing up. I shared a room with my sister for years and I had to do things like clean the car for pocket money, so I’ll have the exact same values for my kids.”

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