Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry: ‘I’ve finally got a man I can trust – I want kids & a ring!’

Loved-up Chloe tells Closer her plans for marriage and babies with new man Johnny

chloe ferry johnny wilbo

by Sophie Cockerham |

She's known for her wild partying and turbulent relationships - but Chloe Ferry tells Closer she's more settled than ever with new boyfriend Johnny Wilbo.

Chloe, 26 - who's been dating Mancunian Johnny, 24, since November - previously had intense romances with the likes of Sam Gowland, Marty McKenna and Scotty T. But she insists Johnny's The One.

"Things are going so well and I feel really happy," she smiles. "I’ve been cheated on by every single boy that I've been with, which has made me massively insecure. With Johnny it's different, I could trust him in a room with strippers - he'd put his head down!

“I think the main thing in a relationship is trust," she adds, before laughing, "It does help if he's got a big one though!"

Recently, rumours swirled that the pair were engaged after she posted a photo of herself wearing a diamond ring.

But the Geordie Shore favourite tells Closer, “I'm not engaged. I know that Johnny 100 per cent wants to ask me, I can tell - he's very bad at keeping surprises! But I think it's a bit too soon at the minute. If he could marry me right now, he would, so I’m the one who’s putting the blockers on it.”

Like Chloe, many of her reality co-stars have turned their back on partying and become more settled. Charlotte Crosby announced her first pregnancy earlier this year and Holly Hagan tied the knot to partner Jacob Blyth in a lavish Ibizan ceremony earlier this month.

Chloe says that Charlotte's recent gender reveal made her broody, and, after rumours that the pair had fallen out, she reveals the real reason why she didn't attend Holly's wedding.

“I wouldn't have missed Charlotte's gender reveal for the world,” she says. “I'm very excited for her - it makes me a bit broody, but I'm not going to have kids yet, I'm going to wait two years. I always said I'd have 10 kids, but now I think it’ll more likely be nine!

“And I was gutted to miss Holly's. I was in Turkey on a family holiday, so I couldn't go. It looked amazing."

Being thrust into the public eye at just 19, Chloe admits she's sometimes felt pressure to look "perfect", previously opening up about struggling with body dysmorphia and low self-esteem.

She's also been open about her fluctuating weight, saying her party lifestyle on Geordie Shore laden with alcohol and kebab takeaways lead to weight gain. But she now prioritises health and fitness.

She says, “I've put on seven pounds since my last holiday, but I'm not going to beat myself up about it, because that's what happens and I know I can lose it. I'm actually in a better frame of mind when I'm in my normal routine - training, going for walks, meditating and writing down my goals, getting my Instagram content done. My moods are up and down, but I feel better if I'm in a good routine. When I was down I used to love laying in dark rooms, but when you have a dark room, it's dark thoughts. If you're in a bad headspace, but you go for a walk in the morning, or you do a workout, you feel 100 per cent better."

She's also spoken out about her multiple cosmetic procedures over the years, which includes a boob job, BBL, two nose jobs and fillers and Botox.

But Chloe now says that after previously shocking fans with the size of her lips she's enjoying her more natural look.

She says, "I was a bit scared to have my lip filler dissolved earlier this year, just because everyone really knows me for my 'big lips' look. But I saw everyone getting the treatment reversed and I thought it looked amazing.

“When you get loads of filler, it can migrate to the space underneath your nose – which is what was happening to me – so I had that dissolved. I waited a couple of weeks, and then I had a bit put back in, so they’re just nice and natural now. The first time he saw me, [co-star] James [Tindale] said that they actually suit my face now.”

Chloe’s set to star on MTV’s new show All Star Shore this week, which will see reality TV personalities – including her fellow Geordie Shore castmates James and Bethan Kershaw, as well as TOWIE’s Joey Essex – battle it out in a series of challenges to take home a £150k cash prize.

“I really enjoyed the challenges as I’m very competitive. What made it interesting was that we all had different backgrounds, and it was great to meet new people,” she says. “If I got asked to do it again, I’d be at the airport now!”

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