Furious Charlotte Crosby slams Gemma Collins for being ‘vile’ and ‘rude’

Celeb spat erupts as reality star Charlotte Crosby sensationally lashes out at Gemma Collins

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Since finding fame on TOWIE ten years ago, Gemma Collins – or The GC, as she commonly refers to herself – has become famous for telling it like it is. But the reality star found herself on the receiving end of some harsh words last week, when Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby dubbed her “vile and rude” in a furious online rant over her interview on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Charlotte wrote, “This woman is the most rudest, vilest woman I’ve been in the same airspace of. What had this girl done on TV but degrade everyone and act like she’s the dogs b---ocks. I have first hand witnessed her ABSOLUTE RUDENESS.”

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Charlotte hit out at Gemma with this now-deleted Instagram post ©Instagram / charlottegshore

Hours later, former friend and TOWIE co-star Saffron Lempriere also lashed out, claiming Gemma, 40, had treated her like a “dogsbody”. Saffron also told fans, “She thinks she’s in an untouchable bubble.”

Gemma – who has been in an on/off relationship with her former TOWIE co-star James “Arg” Argent since 2012 – ignored the comments, instead posing in a T-shirt emblazoned with the words, “You’re obsessed with me and I love it!”

She also riled fans when she admitted to lying on Life Stories by claiming she had a sex tape of herself that she was contemplating releasing – later confessing it was “just one big fat lie.”

After the backlash, Gemma seemed subdued during an appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, with fans speculating she felt “intimidated” and “out of her depth” on a show with “bigger divas than the GC.”

The former car saleswoman has built an incredible brand around her alter ego, The GC – raking in an estimated £3m fortune, boasting 2.1million Instagram followers and even banking a whopping £75,000 in one day through sponsored posts.

But a self-confessed Marmite character, the Diva Forever star has proved divisive. She’s had famous fallouts with Dancing On Ice judge Jason Gardiner, who called her a “brat”, while actor John Partridge called her a “game player” in the 2016 Celebrity Big Brother house.

Gemma Collins' pals: ‘People should just enjoy her – it’s comedy!’


Gemma Collins' pals: u2018People should just enjoy her – itu2019s comedy!u2019

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Bobby Norris

Close pal and former TOWIE co-star Bobby Norris told Closer last year, "Gemma is a self-confessed diva, but that's just The GC. I get to see the real Gemma, and she is generous and extremely loyal. She once surprised me with a weekend spa day because I was feeling a bit down. I think The GC is just a comfort for her… she's very sensitive deep down."

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Jonathan Cheban

Jonathan Cheban – Kim Kardashian's best mate who was in the CBB house with Gemma – said, "She provides entertainment for people. There are only a few people who can make me laugh hysterically – her whole vibe is comedy. I love the diva-ness because I give it back to her and sometimes she can't take it. People should just enjoy her, she's hilarious."

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Pussycat Dolls singer Melody, who starred in Dancing On Ice alongside Gemma, said, "I come from a family of really fun, loud, outspoken people – and she's all of those things. She has a big personality and can be boisterous, but she's lovely. Behind the scenes in hair and make-up, Gem is just like everyone else – she has the same insecurities that the rest of us have."

In 2018, Celebs Go Dating viewers blasted her “outrageous” behaviour for demanding her date, Laurence, take off her shoes and fill up her Champagne glass.

She also left Diva Forever fans disgusted when she complained about her “stinky” vagina before putting her hands down her pants and asking her stylist to sniff her fingers.

However, Gemma insists The GC is a far cry from how she is behind closed doors, telling Piers, “The GC has kind of become a caricature.... She’s a lot harder than me.”

Gemma has also vowed to “kill off” her alter ego now that she’s 40, adding, “I want people to think more of Gemma and humanitarian work and things I am passionate about in life.”

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Closer’s psychological therapist Emma Kenny agrees that’s a wise move – and thinks Gemma can learn from her feud with Charlotte.

Emma explains, “If people are saying there’s an issue, the best thing to do is to learn from it and evolve. With Gemma, The GC alter ego is partly down to her insecurities, it’s a way of protecting herself from getting hurt.

“It has worked for her so far, but it can come back to bite her, as this feud with Charlotte has shown. If she wants to be taken more seriously, Gemma needs to learn how to be authentic and to like herself without being any of those things she’s decided she needs to be. I think this has been a massive wake-up call for her to be a bit more introspective.”

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PR expert: ‘She needs to show who she really is’

PR guru Nick Ede believes now could be the right time for Gemma to drop The GC act. He says, “What’s great about Gemma is that she knows the irony of everything she does, but a lot of people don’t get it and it can come across as quite hard and bitchy. We talk a lot about being kind these days, so it would be better for her to show us who she really is – the soft, caring side. Being a nice person goes a long way, especially in showbiz.

“I think she’s taken The GC too far and it’s time for her to let it go. She knows it’s an act, so I’m sure she can drop it as quickly as she created it.

“Look at Katie Price’s alter ego, Jordan. Katie did very well after I’m A Celeb! when she reverted back to Katie Price. People who have authenticity have long careers, because we see a bit more of their [true] lives, so I think that is a good route for Gemma. People really do relate to her, so I believe there are lots of opportunities for her.”

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