Charlie Simpson on his Kenyan-themed wedding: ‘It was just magical’

Charlie Simpson has had a busy year, not only has he recorded his second solo album but he has ALSO found the time to marry his fiancée in a beautiful Kenyan-themed wedding ceremony. Closer Online spoke to him about planning his big day, life after Busted and his new album, Long Road Home.


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Has it been challenging recording Long Road Home and planning a wedding?

We started recording it in March last year and finished it in January, so I have had some time between the album finishing and now. But starting to do promo for the album and planning the wedding was stressful, but it was great. I like being busy.

Did you get much say in the wedding planning?

Yeah. My wife took the reins a bit towards the end, I was good at the beginning but then when we started talking about flowers and stuff I started to switch off a bit and she got really angry with me… But I found it really fun, it was really sad when it was all over. You know when you put in loads of time- like a year in the making- and it was the most amazing day. We did it back in Suffolk where I’m from originally, and the sun was out, and it was just magical, so it was quite sad when it was over.

Did you go through a bit of a post-wedding mourning period?

Everyone did! Everyone that came said they woke up on Monday and was really sad. Weddings are such happy days and quite emotional days… but then we got to go on honeymoon and that was great. It’s really busy now with the album coming out so I’m just getting straight back into it.


Was it a traditional wedding?

Yeah, it was. My wife grew up in Kenya so it was a Kenyan themed wedding. So we those massive yurts and had people camping, it was brilliant. And it was all sort of African animal names like ‘Simba’ and ‘Pumba’ and the tables were all planned around Kenya, so it was cool.

Charlie's new album is out on August 4
Charlie's new album is out on August 4


Would you ever have gone on a show like ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’?

I love that TV show! I could have done it I think. It wouldn’t have been as good as it was when she (Charlie’s wife) was doing it. I have a sort of scattergun approach. But I think I would have pulled off a good wedding.

Some of the weddings I’ve seen on that show…. Getting married in a football ground? How could you possibly think that your wife would be ok with that? I mean, my wife just wouldn’t even marry me. If I’d got married at Twickenham she would’ve been like “see you later, I’m off”.

Would you ever have gotten married at a festival?

A festival would be quite cool. I saw one where they got married underwater which was mad. But a festival would be cool, maybe an American festival, where you’re guaranteed good weather. Coachella would be cool, or Burning Man! Way out in the desert…


Your wife took your surname- but what do you think about people who are against this?

Well I thought it was pretty standard wasn’t it? I like the idea of changing your name, it unifies you. I mean, it’s nothing to do with men being dominant or whatever as to why you take the man’s name. I mean, you could argue why doesn’t the man take the woman’s name? It’s just tradition. I think at the end of the day if the woman’s happy to do it then great.

What did you learn from your time with Busted?

I think it was an amazing experience. I think it was a lot to take in at a very young age. I think it sort of gave me a great insight into things and I think I grew up really fast. It was a good thing, I learnt a lot about life in general which I value hugely. And also, it was great just being a band with those two guys, they’re both really nice, really cools guys, and I value being able to do it with those guys because we always had a good relationship.

What’s your favourite song on the new album?

I think my favourite track is the first track, ‘Long Ride Home’, because I love the harmonies and it’s just got a really nice driving feel to it andwhen I’ve got it on it’s makes me happy. It’s a good driving song, a song to listen to in your car. It felt like a good representation of who we are, that’s why I wanted it to be first. I think it will be a fun one to play as well.


Would you ever have auditioned for The X Factor?

I don’t think I would have done, I dunno. I just don’t really buy into it. I think it’s a great TV show. Good people come out of it. There’s just something about the show that isn’t for me. It’s great entertainment- it’s a great TV Show. The making of music is too important for me to sacrifice.

Charlie's new album Long Road Home is out in the UK on August 4

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