Charlie Sheen’s PA reveals moment actor revealed HIV diagnosis: ‘Don’t touch my blood!’

Charlie Sheen’s PA has opened up about the actor’s life of ‘porn stars and drugs’


by Jessica Anais Rach |
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Fans were left stunned last week, when Charlie Sheen revealed he is HIV positive.

And now his former PA has spoken to the Daily Mail about the star’s 'crazy' lifestyle.

Steve Han, who worked for Sheen for two and a half years, told how the brave Two and a Half men star kept his diagnosis secret for at least a year, whilst working long strenuous hours.

Following one of the star’s ‘drug and prostitute filled' parties, Han told how Charlie ended up cutting his leg whilst playing with a large knife.

But when one of his friends rushed to touch the ‘tiger blood’, Charlie reportedly screamed:

'Don't touch my blood, don't touch my blood, I got this.'

Speaking about Charlie’s reaction, 34-year-old Han told the mail:

'It was such a strange reaction, he seemed genuinely concerned that someone might actually touch his blood.

'We were partying in the party den, a room just off his bedroom, and we all blew his reaction off because we were in the midst of a wild night, but I knew deep down something was wrong, I could see it in his eyes.

'At the time I thought maybe he's got Hep C or something, but I never imagined it was much worse.

'I knew he was dealing with something major but couldn't put my finger on it.’ And the 50-year-old eventually confided in Han during a heart-to-heart, revealing:

'I'm HIV positive.. I f***ed up.

But the star appeared calm about the situation, adding:

‘It's okay, don't cry, I'm not dying, things will get better.’

Han revealed how the star battled through the mental and physical hardships of the diagnosis taking regular medication, before getting the life changing news in February 2013 that the HIV virus was undetectable.

What a brave man.

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