Chanelle Hayes hits back at trolls after ‘hellish’ month with defiant tweet

Chanelle Hayes

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Chanelle Hayes has hit back at online trolls with a powerful tweet after previously posting that she's had a "hellish" time.

Chanelle, who recently celebrated her 30th birthday, gave birth to her son Frankie in September - her first with then-fiancé Ryan Oates.

However, disaster struck after the PE teacher left her only two months after she'd given birth, and she revealed what had happened in a Twitter rant.

GALLERY: Chanelle Hayes reveals the reason behind her split from fiancé Ryan Oates in a Twitter rant


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She then confessed to her fans that she was "dying on the inside", posting a word image on her Instagram page which read: "I'm trying to keep it together with a smile on my face and my head held high.

"But the truth is I am dying from the inside."

She also gave an interview to New Magazine, revealing that she's "begged so much it's embarrassing" for Ryan to come back to the family, adding: "I've got no self-respect left in my body."

And when she made an appearance on Loose Women following her heartbreaking rollercoaster, she was faced with backlash after trolls targeted her.

WATCH: Chanelle Hayes breaks down on Loose Women over her relationship Ryan Oates

But Chanelle has hit back at the haters with a defiant tweet, posting at the weekend that she's had enough of the "negativity".

She wrote: "No more negativity about people who do not matter. Not even gracing ridiculous things with a response.

"I am a brilliant mum and a nice person and I have two gorgeous boys to focus on - not mudslinging. #onlylove."

She was immediately comforted by her fans, who flocked to the comments section. One wrote: "You're gonna be ok, we always are in the end, it’s just a process and it’s meant to feel shitty, that’s how we heal."

Another added: "Well said... Look after yourself and your boys," whilst another replied: "Good for you! Stay strong, hold your head up and don’t rise to it!"

However, not all the commenters were quite so positive, as one wrote: "Then why do you put all your private stuff on social media #attentionseeker," and another added: "Yes we are all a bit fed up of the slanging match - put it to bed and move on."

This comes after she tweeted about her "hellish" past couple of months last week, adding that she was focussing on finding somewhere to live after Ryan had left.

She wrote: "LAAAAARRRRRRGGGGEEEE black coffee for me this morning. Lots of packing to do so I can get out of this hell hole. #OnAMission #OperationRelocation."

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