Chanelle Hayes reveals struggle against binge-eating: ‘I need to have my jaws wired’

She got super-fit and toned last year when she embarked on a strict diet and training regime, but in recent months, Chanelle Hayes has piled on the pounds due to a debilitating back injury.


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The 27-year-old has gained 2 and a half stone since December, when a drunken fall left her with a broken coccyx and unable to exercise.

Explaining her weight gain, Chanelle told Closer: ‘I’m one of those people who eats everything if they’re not training. When I don’t go to the gym, it’s like a free pass for me to binge.’

In the five months since Chanelle slipped in the snow and hit her back, the star has gone from a svelte 8st 8lbs to 11st.

Chanelle showed off her weight loss last year
Chanelle showed off her weight loss last year

Mum of one Chanelle says she is disappointed she’s let herself pile on the pounds, admitting: ‘I actually think I have compulsive eating disorder.’

‘I think about food all the time - I need to have my jaws wired!’

Hayes admits that her biggest downfall are biscuits - which she can eat three packets of a day sometimes - and that she feels her addiction to sugar is on a par with a heroin addiction.

‘If I’m dieting I cut myself off from everyone for two weeks until I’ve got all traces of sugar out of my body - I can’t be around temptation.’

Read the full interview and see our shoot with Chanelle in this week’s Closer.

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