Chanelle Hayes tells Closer: ‘I knew I’d die if I didn’t lose weight!’

Chanelle Hayes tells Closer she was eager to lose weight after doctors informed her late last year she was putting her health at serious risk


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She admits to Closer her self-confidence hit an all time low last December when she saw pictures of her size 16 bikini body on holiday in Tenerife.

But after slimming to a size 8, Chanelle Hayes - who has fluctuated between a size 4 and 16 - insists her main push to lose weight came after a terrifying visit to the doctors last year.

The 5ft 4 reality star was told her body fat percentage had reached 43 per cent - compared to the normal range of 25 - 31 per cent - and was displaying symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes.

Speaking to Closer last week, the 26 year-old - who is a mother to three-year-old son Blakely - says it was in that moment she decided to ditch the junk food, fearing she'd end up dead if she continued with her unhealthy lifestyle.


Chanelle says: "The doctors told me I had a body fat percentage of 43 per cent and I was showing symptoms of type 2 diabetes, such as being thirsty loads, urinating all the time and feeling exhausted.

"I knew how drastic these symptoms were and that if I carried on the way I was going, I could end up dead. I’m a mother and have too much to lose. I saw food as an addiction and was just overeating and not exercising. I made a change just after Christmas to eat healthier and work out and I haven’t looked back. I’m now a size 8 and feel amazing.”

Chanelle admits her weight gain made her act like a 'hermit' and not want to leave the house to face anyone.

She says: "I saw an old school friend in Mothercare late last year. i was hoping for a friend but he assumed, because of my weight, that I was expecting again. He asked me when I was due and I burst into tears! I became like a hermit at a size 16. I didn't want to leave the house. I'd avoid nights out. I even stayed in on New Years Eve because I didn't want to get all dressed up. I'm so glad I made a change!"

And whilst the star insisted previously one of the reasons for her weight gain last year was her on-off romance with Jack Tweed, Chanelle is reluctant to discuss their current relationship status - saying: 'The only love I want to talk about today is the love I feel for my new body!"

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