Celebrity Vegans – why all our favourite celebs are saying ‘no’ to meat!

It’s not just Beyonce And Jay-Z who have turned vegan, see the other stars who have gone potty for plants

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She’s made no secret of her love of fried chicken but it seems Beyonce and husband Jay Z have embarked on a new vegan diet. The couple who have been married five years revealed they started their new diet to Jay Z's 44th birthday.

Jay said of their new decision to follow a vegan and gluten-free diet for 22 days: “One day before my 44th birthday I will embark on a 22 day challenge to completely vegan or as I prefer to call it, plant-based. There is something spiritual about it being my 44th birthday and that coupled with the challenge ending on Christmas day – it feels right. Any professional vegans out there that have any great food spots please help out.”

As Beyonce and Jay-Z follow a three-week vegan diet that ends on Christmas day check out which other stars shun meat at all costs.

One actress that turned her back on eating meat was Natalie Portman. In 2009, the 32-year-old decided to have a vegan diet and she credits a book for changing her mind.

After reading Safran Foers Animals, she said in a blog post: “The human cost of factory farming – both compromised welfare of slaughterhouse workers and even more, the environmental effects of the mass production of animals, is staggering.”

Natalie Portman keeps healthy with her new diet regime.

Singer and RnB heartthrob Usher,35, has been vegan for a year following the death of his father. Insiders reported that the decision came when Usher began to pay more attention to his health after his father suffered a heart attack in 2008. As a result, last year Usher decided to make the decision to take charge of his fate, by having a healthier diet.

Usher now has a vegan diet because he says it's one what of controlling his fate.

She has made no secret of her love for animals and Leona Lewis,28, is just as passionate about her vegan diet. The One More Sleep singer said in an interview recently that she believed a vegan diet is the healthiest one. She says: “Meat is associated with Cancer and all sorts of diseases.”

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