Celebrity Diet Secrets: Denise van Outen

Gorgeous Denise reveals what's on her shopping list


by Closer Staff |

TV presenter Denise, 34, tells us what’s in her fridge

Where do you shop?

For a big shop I go to Morrisons, but I also go to my local fruit and veg shops.

'I'm allergic to chillies- they make my ears itch!'

What is your typical diet?

For breakfast I’ll have porridge or fruit. I eat my main meal for lunch, normally pasta or a jacket spud with tuna and sweetcorn. For dinner, I opt for something light like fish and steamed veg. I snack on fruit, nuts or yoghurt.

Is there anything you refuse to eat?

I’m allergic to chillies – they make my ears itch!

What three foods would you take to a desert island?

Pickled onions, Twiglets and pitta with houmous – I love them all!

What’s your comfort food?

Carrot cake is my favourite – I indulge once a week or so.


What’s the strangest meal you’ve ever eaten?

I was on holiday with a friend in the Seychelles, and the chef cooked us a special dish. I felt sick when I found out it was fruit-bat stew!

What’s your favourite drink?

I have two or three decaf lattes a day and I love English tea, too. As for alcohol, I like red wine, but I’m not a particularly heavy drinker.

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Nutritionist Barbara Wilson says:

“Denise has a great all-round diet – a good breakfast, plenty of fruit and veg, plus low-fat dairy and healthy snacks. The one thing to keep an eye on is her latte habit. Decaf or not, the biggest size made with whole milk is almost 300 calories. Denise should stick to a small latte made with skimmed milk – which is only 70 calories.”

Fridge Health Rating: 8/10

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