Celebrities voice their opinions of this year’s CBB contestants: “Lee is a ‘sex pest’, Jasmine is a ‘w***e’ and Luisa is an ‘attention seeker’”

Everyone has an opinion on this year’s Celebrity Big Brother and now even other celebrities are making theirs heard!


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Former Big Brother contestant Chanelle Haye’s has taken to Twitter to reveal exactly what she thinks about Lee Ryan.

She wrote: “Lee Ryan, ‘she’s not really my type.I love girls who are a bit damaged.’ This is the most bizarre, worrying comment every on CBB… odd.

“It’s like Lee can’t bare to be on his own for longer than an hour! Does he not like himself or something?? It’s very bizarre behavior!!”

And Chanelle didn’t just stop at Lee, she also took a swipe at Jasmine. She tweeted: “Jasmine is such a w***e! And Lee is literally a hormonal teenage sex pest drip!!!!!”

Chanelle made it clear she is not a fan of Lee Ryan's
Chanelle made it clear she is not a fan of Lee Ryan's

Chanelle isn’t the only former BB contestant making their voice heard, Charlotte Crosby, winner of last year’s series, also gave her opinion on the social networking site.

She wrote: “Lee needs to do every1 a favour and F*** OFF what an absolute k*** He’s UGGERs anyway.”

Ouch. Giving Lee a break, Mark Wright, tweeted some not-very-nice things about Luisa.

The former TOWIE star wrote: “I cannot stand Louisa !! Jesus please someone slap the b****”

About Luisa, Mark Wright tweeted that he wanted someone to slap the b

The Essex boy went on to call the Apprentice star attention seeking and said she will do anything for publicity.

BB7 contestant Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace revealed she also isn’t a fan of Blue star Lee, tweeting: “Omgomgomg leeeeeee stop yourself mate this is just wrong!”

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