The CBB love triangle gets ugly- Jasmine Waltz: ‘Casey’s made a big f*cking mistake.. I can be malicious’

The ongoing love drama between Celebrity Big Brother housemates Casey Batchelor, Jasmine Waltz and Lee Ryan shows no sign of dying down.


by Jessica Anais Rach |
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In fact, things looked like they were about to get more heated than ever last night.

Jasmine was enraged to find out that Casey had voted for her and Lee during the ‘democratic’ vote.

Casey, 29, explained that her vote for Jasmine was down to the American model wrongly blaming her for a secret task set by Sam Faiers which turned out to be a joke.

Casey and Jasmine watch Lee and Jasmine simulate sex
Casey and Jasmine watch Lee and Jasmine simulate sex

Talking about her vote for Lee, Casey later revealed:

‘I did vote for Lee in that vote because I feel like he’s handled the situation in a not so great way and I feel a bit awkward. You know its not great lying on the bed and looking directly across and their under the covers together. But you know I’m just getting on with it, I’m not bothered, I’m not creating an atmosphere or anything.'

Meanwhile, 30-year-old Lee and 31-year-old Jasmine appeared to purposefully goad former Apprentice star Casey, with father-of-two Lee asking Jasmine:

‘Anyway, when we getting married?

‘Shall I get down on one knee?’

Jasmine said yes, before spitefully adding: ‘In front of Casey.’

‘I'm going to prance around in my underwear around your bed for three days straight, watch.’

Reacting to Casey’s vote, Jasmine continued:

‘I feel bad for her now because I'm not going to be sweet anymore.

‘And I'm not going to try and hide anything [with Lee]. I was trying to protect her.

‘We all know that Lee hurt you. So if you're going to vote for someone who truly stirred up your emotions, you'd vote for Lee if you were being honest.’

Lee then added fuel to the fire, teasing: "Just get on top of me and start riding me."

With Jas responding: "I'm going to. You think I'm f_ing not? She made a big f_ing mistake.

‘I can be malicious as well, but I'll be honest about it and I'll tell you why.’

On seeing their public dispays of affection, Casey confided in Sam Faiers, responding:

'It is a bit ridiculous, well obvious. He’s just making himself look stupid.'

'It’s upsetting because you know I get on with, but it would make the atmosphere a little bit better [if he wasn’t here] for me personally.'

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