Casey Batchelor’s naked shoot with Closer: behind the scenes

As Casey Batchelor prepares to strip off for our naked shoot we chat to the brunette beauty about her love life, her body and her celeb mates


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She is no stranger to flaunting her assets in front of a camera but as Casey Batchelor arrives at Closer's shoot in North London she admits she is feeling a little self-concious. "I'm nervous but excited, I've always been a bit self-concious of my boobs," she confides.

As the reality star prepares to strip off talk turns to her body, boys and her CBB pals, who she's was meeting up with after we finish. You can read the full interview, where Casey talks about her fears for her fertility, freezing her eggs and going through early puberty, in this week's issue of Closer but here's a sneak peek at our chat.

Casey Batchelor chats to Closer's Sarah Fitzmaurice

We're about to do a naked shoot, how are you feeling about that Casey? "You wouldn't think I would be self-concious because of my modeling but I am. I didn’t do topless for a long time and I've only ever done two topless shoots and then I decided it wasn't for me. My boobs are so big, so I'm always wondering if they look ok. I am excited though too."

Do you find it difficult to dress having such big boobs? "I'm a 32GG, which is crazy. I don't tend to have them out so much becuase I think it makes me look so much bigger than I am. I'm actually thinking about getting my boobs reduced. We’ve had some conversations and I have some meetings scheduled."

What type of man do you go for? All of my exes have all been completely different looks wise, so I don’t think I have a type. Obviously there has to be an initial attraction. For me it’s always about getting on with someone and I like to have a laugh so I like to have that banter, take the p***. Finding someone who will be your best friend, you’ve got to spend the rest of you life with them, so that’s what is is important to me. Being friends rather than the looks.

How long have you been single for? I've haven't had a serious boyfriend for a while. When I was 18 I had a three year relationship and then straight from that I had another three-year relationship where we lived together. I've kind of been single since then. I’ve had flings but not a serious relationship since I was 24.

Are you still close with your CBB housemates? Yes! I'm off out with Ollie and Jim later. I speak to Ollie every day and Jim is like a father figure, they are so much fun! I'm still good friends with Dappy too. I haven't really spoken to Sam since, but she's had her own stuff going on.

What's next for you? I’ve got my legging range which is doing really well I'm launching a new swimwear range and I’ve been meeting with a few English directors, so that’s very exciting. Acting is what I’ve always wanted to do. I used to be a dancer and I’ve trained in acting so that's really what I hope to do next.

Hair and make-up expert Nat Schmitt works her magic on Casey
We want Nat's make-up kit
Casey looks gorgeous in our snaps

Shoot secrets:

Casey has 32GG boobs, she's a size 8, weighs 8st 2 and is just 5ft 2. She also has size 2.5 feet. She's teeny-tiny in real life!

Her boobs are completely natural, as is her hair and with luscious locks like that we think she totally should be the face of a hair campaign.

On the day of our shoot she was excited about an evening out with her CBB housemates including Dappy, Ollie Locke and Jim Davidson.

Casey tucked into a lunch of chicken, rice and salad

Casey has her own collection of Wild! leggings (you can check them out here) & she's currently working on a collection of swimwear with her best friend and agent SallyAnne.

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