Casey Batchelor talks pregnancy horrors and it’s so relatable

Casey Batchelor naked pregnancy photo shoot Closer magazine

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Casey Batchelor has opened up about the tough side of being pregnant.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote: "Oh no Up most of the night, either needing to go to the toilet..... then having dead legs so needing to swap over sides I’m sleeping on....then up with the dreaded heartburn 😂 so not much sleep going on haha xx"

Casey Batchelor Twitter pregnancy

The reality TV star previously opened up to Closer about her tough pregnancy and posed for a totally naked photo shoot. Casey told us that she's finding two particular aspects of pregnancy pretty hard going: her boobs.

The one-time glamour model had her natural 32GG breasts reduced to a 32EE in 2014 but found they started growing again after the operation and have grown again during pregnancy.

She told us: "I last had them measured as a H-cup and haven’t bothered since as it’s too depressing. But they’re the biggest they’ve ever been.

Casey Batchelor
©Closer magazine

“I plan on breastfeeding so they will only get bigger again – they’ll be like milk fountains.”

And Casey is finding the weight of her pregnancy-pimped breasts so much she’s had to enlist the help of her partner Dane Goodson.

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CELEBRITY INSPIRATION: Robbie Williams named his little girl Theodora - nicknamed Teddy - Rose

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Nile32 of 48


Nile, meaning 'champion is inspired by the famous Egyptian river and can be used for both boys and girls.

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This virtue name, meaning 'truth is the perfect fusion of old and new - it even made a brief appearance in Harry Potter!

Slater36 of 48


This boy's name was made popular by 90s TV show Saved By The Bell, but has diminished in popularity since then. A shame, since this boy's name has a seriously friendly and genial feel.

Tierney37 of 48


Celtic unisex name Tierney means 'descendant of a lord making it a fine choice for any new parents.

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We love the name Lulu (which means 'pearl') - it's so energetic, vivacious and fun!

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This simple, elegant boy's name - meaning 'enclosure' - is VERY distinctive, isn't it? No wonder it made it into Gossip Girl!

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This unisex name - meaning 'curly-headed' - is an Irish cowboy name that packs a punch.

Greer42 of 48


This glam Scottish name, meaning 'alert and watchful is a strong and sophisticated choice for any little girl.

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With plenty of vintage charm, Henrietta - meaning 'estate ruler'. has a number of charming nicknames, including Etta, Hetty and Hattie.

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Stellan is a strong, attractive, Scandinavian boy's name, meaning 'calm'.

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This aristocratic boy's name - meaning 'brave people' - is an interesting Germanic one. Think 'Leo' for short!

She said: “Dane will sometimes just hold up my boobs in the evening to give my shoulders a rest from carrying them around all day.”

Casey, who posed for an exclusive nude photoshoot for Closer, also chatted to us about how her body has blossomed all over.

Casey Batchelor

“I’ve put on over 3stone,” she revealed.

“I’ve got a big bum and thighs, chubby cheeks and cellulite.

“But pregnancy is a miracle and I feel so lucky and excited.”

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