Carol Vorderman: ‘I’m scared I’ll be shot down flying over Middle East’

Carol Vorderman has shared her fears over her upcoming round-the-world solo trip


by Fiona Day |
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Carol Vorderman may come across as fearless as she plans her 29,000, round-the-world, solo flying expedition but it turns out she does have some concerns over the trip.

Speaking to The Mirror, the former Countdown star admitted that she was worried about flying over areas in the Middle East.

By flying at a lower altitude, Carol runs a higher risk of having her plane shot down by military.

The 54-year-old explains: “The problem I have at the moment is getting through the Middle East.

Carol has some fears over the trip
Carol has some fears over the trip

“Holiday jets are at 35,000ft, but I have to fly low at 10,000ft.

“Below 25,000ft there are lots of warnings about anti-aircraft guns. There is a worry. But it’s something I’ve wanted and I’m going to do it.”

Carol qualified for her pilot’s license just 18 months ago, but says her new hobby has given her a ‘second youth’.

“When your children have left home it gives you a release.

"So I’m having my second youth. I’m doing all the things I’ve always wanted to.”

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