Cara Kilbey’s EXCLUSIVE baby blog: Decorating the nursery, maternity shoots and parenting books

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She’s excitedly awaiting the arrival of her first child, and Cara Kilbey has just over a week to go until her due date.

As fans of the 26-year-old will know, Cara tragically suffered a miscarriage last year – making this pregnancy all the more precious. In her exclusive blog for Closer Online, former TOWIE star Cara documents the final leg of her journey from bump to baby.

“Choosing not to find out the sex of our baby hasn’t really made designing the nursery any harder. I love interior design, and pink or blue wouldn't be one of my colour choices.

“Let's face it; pink for girls and blue for boys is kind of dated. I have a certain style and I hope the nursery reflects that. It’s clean and minimal, luxurious but not too showy.

“I’ve gone for a pale pearly gold polka dot wallpaper from Brian Yates Upstairs Downstairs book, a large white plush rug (which covers most of the room) and the furniture I’ve always had my eye on is the Boori Sleigh Royale collection - thick, white, sturdy wood. The room matches the interior throughout my house and I can eventually add pink or blue personal touches when the baby is here.

“Recently I had a maternity shoot with Maria Murray. It's not something I would chose to do for every pregnancy but to have these pictures is a great memory and I loved the final pictures, so much so that I had one blown up and framed for the babies nursery.

“We have decided to take the approach of my older brother and his wife, who have two adorable girls. They didn’t read parenting books and instead lead with their hearts.

“The books seem to just put extra pressure on you as a parent when surely it's just better to go with your natural instinct? The most important thing is to make your baby know they are loved and keep them happy – everything else should just fall into place.

“Daniel and I have both been waiting for the day when our baby is here in our arms, happy and healthy, for such a long time now, that I think we will just enjoy being parents and make the most of every second.

“I do always wonder who will be the stricter parent out of the two of us… Daniel is a very healthy eater so I think he will be strict with the food. I would like to get the baby into healthy food from a young age so growing up eating healthy comes naturally to them.

“Daniel’s a sucker for showering kids with gifts – every time he speaks with our niece and nephew he always mentions toys, or a trip to the toy shop when he's with them, and of course they love him for it.

“However, I’ve told him he can’t be the exact same with our baby because it will be never ending and they’ll think they’ve got Daddy wrapped around their finger!

“My Mum and Dad always taught me that family comes first. My Mum is my best friend and my Dad is my inspiration to succeed. I had a great upbringing by them both and will of course be asking for their advice on a regular basis. They will both be a big part in the baby’s life.

Cara x”

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