Can Made in Chelsea’s Binky truly forgive Alex if she can’t forget?

Binky Felstead seemed to have forgiven Alex's cheating - but not forgotten as she laid down a series of strict ground rules on last night's Made in Chelsea


by Katherine Romero |
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On last night’s episode of Made in Chelsea, Binky Felstead looked to have forgiven her boyfriend Alex Mytton for his six infidelities (SIX!) but was clearly having trouble forgetting – as she laid down a series of strict ground rules for lothario Alex to follow.

The quaffed haired love rat was now not allowed to socialise with his friends or even drink unless she was in his presence. Because nothing says lasting love like having to babysit your boyfriend to ensure he doesn’t do the dirty with someone else.

Surprisingly, it was one of Alex’s biggest critics Lucy Watson who came to his defence, insisting that if Binky wanted to forgive his cheating she couldn’t spend the rest of their relationship punishing him. And whilst I don’t want to evoke any sympathy for Alex, you can’t help but see Watson’s point.

Can you ever truly forgive a cheat if you can’t forget? A cheat hasn't reformed their ways simply because you don’t let them out of your sight. That’s like insisting someone no longer enjoys the taste of alcohol because you refuse to let them take a sip (perish the thought)

A relationship takes trust and that means not only trust when they’re in your company but also when they’re enjoying a boozy night out with their single guy mates. If Alex was truly worth forgiving Binky, surely you wouldn’t have to keep him on a lead like a pooch to ensure he doesn’t hump another girl’s leg whilst your back is turned.

Cheating is a hard thing to overcome. But not everyone sees it as a deal breaker and I know couples who have worked through infidelities and come out the other side stronger. But not because the cheater remained under lock and key of their partner but because both parties agreed to wipe the slate clean and try again. With full trust and full communication.

I believe you can forgive a cheater. But only if you can forget.

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