Bruce Jenner reveals he’s scheduled transition surgery

Bruce Jenner has told his family that he has booked his gender reassignment surgery


by Fiona Day |
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When Bruce Jenner came out as transgender earlier this year, he claimed that he had not yet booked surgery to ultimately transform his body from a man to a woman.

But after letting his children come round to the idea of his new life, he revealed to his family that he had scheduled his surgery for next year.

When they asked him when he would stop being ‘Bruce’ he said: “Probably in the spring.”

Kim then asks her stepdad if he had booked an appointment for his reassignment, to which he replied: ‘Yes’.

Bruce's surgery will take place next year
Bruce's surgery will take place next year

In the latest episode of the family’s reality series, Khloe, 30, expresses her concerns for her stepdad.

She tells Bruce: "My sisters and I knew that Bruce was a cross-dresser but we were never told he was going to fully transition and turn into a woman."

"I don't think it's fair you don't tell us this is in the near future.

"This entire process, for me it is something that will take time. It's scary that Bruce is going to be gone."

During his interview with Diane Sawyer earlier this year, Bruce, 65, revealed that it was his 34-year-old stepdaughter Kim who first found out that he was cross dressing.

He then told audiences that Kim’s husband Kanye West helped her become the most accepting and understanding out of all his family members.

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