Luke Goss: ‘The biggest contributor to a failed relationship is a woman’s imagination’


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As everyone talks about the mind-blowing Bros documentary After The Screaming Stops, we talk to Matt and Luke Goss about trying to maintain romantic relationships while in the music industry

Any pop superstar worth their salt will be able to tell you that maintaining a normal relationship is tough in the limelight

But according to Bros drummer Luke Goss, it’s not the prying eyes of the public and press that make it so.

“The biggest contributor to a failed relationship in our business is a woman’s imagination,” he says.

“Because of what people imagine. I have a song I wrote called Movies in your Mind – and it really is about the movies people make in their minds, [that] can really destroy something great."

“But there’s this level of fame, the fame we have within a relationship,” agrees frontman Matt.

“It’s not like we want to talk about it, it’s the understanding of some of the restrictions or some of the ramifications of it."

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Their stand out hit, When Will I Be Famous, has gone down in history as a mega-anthem of the 1980s, but Bros have flown mainly under the radar since their split in 1992. But the twins insist they never really went away.

“When we were kids, we recognised at a young age that success is longevity,” says Matt.

“A lot of people have a hit record, but to be able to come back, to have this [comeback] and our own solo careers…”

“You’ve got to keep consistency,” agrees Luke.

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“A key ingredient for failure would be to think that [our career] was just a phase, and the key to success would be to hopefully steer towards the beautiful unknown and the horizon – you don’t know where that horizon might be.”

Their comeback documentary, Bros: When the Screaming Stops, was an unexpected TV highlight of the festive season. But far from being just about music, it was their unique sibling relationship that was eye-opening.

“I think without my brother, there’s been some things in my life that I’m not actually sure if I’d have been able to cope with because fame is extremely isolating,” says Luke.

“Matt has literally been a life saver to me. I’ve had moments that have been incredibly tough and I wouldn’t have been able to get through that.”

“Luke is the love of my life, so without him I don’t exist,” adds Matt. “I just don’t.”

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