Brian McFadden claims he SAVED Westlife by quitting

Brian McFadden Westlife

by Owen Tonks |
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Brian McFadden has claimed that him quitting Westlife actually saved the band from splitting up altogether.

The former pop star left the Irish singing group in 2004 and he thinks it actually helped their cause.

He claims the band would not have stayed together much longer if it wasn’t for his departure.

Brian told the Irish Sun: “If we had been given a break, it might have been different but when I look back now everything happens for a reason.

“None of the other guys were enjoying it at that stage. They hated it. But when I left, they all got scared with this feeling, how long is it going to last?

Brian McFadden Westlife

“They ended up appreciating what they had again and they started to love it again. They got eight years of something they were really taking for granted.”

Westlife went on to exist after Brian left and eventually went their separate ways in 2012.

Brian has now said he wants to be an actor, despite his musical past.

He said: “Going into acting is something I’ve thought about. Keith Duffy from Boyzone loves acting and tells me I’d love it, so if the right opportunity came along, maybe I’d give it a go.

“But then I think about how much I hated making music videos. Doing the same shot three times used to freak me out, and that only lasted for 14 hours. Imagine being there for months?!”

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