Billy Faiers admits she is “in shock” over pregnancy – while sister Sam says she’ll be the best aunt ever

The TOWIE star has finally opened up about her surprise pregnancy, explaining that she initially kept it a secret from sister Sam Faiers…


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Sam Faiers may be in the Big Brother house but, in the outside world, all anyone is talking about is her Big Sister!

Yup, The Only Way Is Essex star Billie Faiers has finally opened up about her surprise pregnancy, confessing to a UK magazine that she and partner Greg Shepherd initially kept the news of their first baby a secret. From everyone.

"We kept it to ourselves because I was so in shock.

"In my head I knew I was pregnant because I missed my period, which never happens, but I was too nervous to do the pregnancy test because suddenly my whole life was about to change."

But, while Billie was burying her head in the sand, partner Greg had a pretty shrewd idea as to what was going on.

"I could tell she was pregnant straight away because she was coming out in all these spots, which she never gets."

Oh, you old romantic, you!

He continued: "She was too nervous about someone seeing her buying a test so I went and bought one."

Billie and Greg are very much in love
Billie and Greg are very much in love

Billie added that she didn't even tell her little sister Sam that she was pregnant at first - mainly because, midway through sharing her news, the Celebrity Big Brother star started falling asleep!

"We didn’t tell anyone for two weeks. I invited Sam and my mum round for dinner to tell them but Sam was half asleep on the sofa so it wasn’t the right time.

"When I eventually told them they were over the moon. It was such a relief, because I could finally get excited."

It's always more fun to get excited when there's someone to share in the excitement with - and, while Billie and Greg are obviously over the moon about their first son or daughter together, Sam can't wait to meet her new niece or nephew!

"I can’t wait. When we were young we used to spend a lot of time thinking about this moment.

"I cried when Billie told me! It’ll be the first baby in our immediate family and my mum is over the moon. She’s always said she can’t wait to be a nan. The whole family are thrilled.

"I’ll be the one he or she comes to when they want fun, or if they have problems I’ll be on hand to help."

Congratulations to Billie and Greg!

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