‘Big egos turn me off’ Selena Gomez in Justin Bieber dig?

They are known for having one of the most on-off relationships in showbiz, but in a recent interview with Ryan Seacrest, Selena revealed that she is finally single.


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Despite numerous reports that the pair have reconciled over the past few weeks, Selena confirmed that her and Justin’s relationship is over.

‘No, I’m not [dating Justin any more]. Yes, I am [single]. I learned a lot. I learned that I should definitely keep it way more private next time,’ she revealed, adding:

‘Privacy is hard to come by when your boyfriend is the most-followed person on Twitter ever!’

Selena and Justin were spotted together at the beginning of July
Selena and Justin were spotted together at the beginning of July

Speaking about the difficulty of dating within the industry, the 21-year-old poignantly mentioned that honesty is very important to her in a relationship, as well as someone that makes her laugh.

Could young Justin have done the dirty?

In an apparent dig at her 19-year-old superstar ex, she added:

‘Egos turn me off, big time…’

Despite the stress of the paparazzi and death threats from Justin’s ‘Beliebers’, Selena insists that being in the public eye was not the reason for then end of their relationship.

Selena hung up on Richards during their live Monday night interview

It appears the Spring Breakers star is tiring of the constant Justin questions, and cut an interview off abruptly during a satellite chat on Monday with entertainment reporter Dean Richards.

In answer to Richards’ question referring to Bieber allegedly urinating in public recently, 'What don't we get about him or what is it that he's not getting out there?', the Disney star abruptly cut off their connection.

You go girl!

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